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Thread: Sabdancer - T1/T2 instance AOE rotation?

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    Question Sabdancer - T1/T2 instance AOE rotation?

    Hi all

    I've recently started using the Sabdancer and love it. I've got the standard rotation for high health targets down, but I was wondering what the optimal AOE rotation is for the trash packs in T1/T2's? A search revealed that you use the same rotation, but replace Spike charge with Shrapnel - which would be ok, except that the individual AOE trash packs don't last long enough to go through the entire thing. I find that if I'm trying to build up points for a 5pt deadly or a 5pt shrapnel, the packs' already pretty much dead.

    Is there a quicker, more optimized rotation for instance trash to max DPS in this short space of time?

    Thanks in advance

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    If stuff dies in less than 8 seconds and you don't have time to preload, just do 5x Shrap (or less if that's all you have time for) and Detonate. If stuff still has a bit of life left, throw a bomb.

    You could do something like 4x Shrap, Deadly, Shrap, Det which will be a bit faster than the standard rotation at the cost of not being quite as large of a DD boost (84% improved damage rather than 105%) but it will still do a lot more damage than a round of non-DD boosted charges.

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