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Thread: Rogue PvE Bible - Updated for 1.3

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    Cool Rogue PvE Bible - Updated 27th july

    The objective of this thread is to have a single thread which will contains all the information required for PvE Rogues.

    Please Note:
    I'm aiming to make most of the helpful information localised to one place for ease of reference, i will try reference Authors when work is combined into this thread. Additionally i have not included the large variants of Rogue builds in each section, intead focusing on the select best in each situation.


    Levelling BuildsRaiding BuildsMacros

    BiS Gear lists



    Important things to note for New 1.4 Content

    Video Guides for Raid Content


    See anything that may need to be added? Please post on this thread or PM me.
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    Melee Leveling Guide

    The most effective levelling spec for melee that is both fun, versatile, and has the ability to AOE Grind and Quest is the Bladedancer Hybrid.

    We will start with a Build plan, keeping in mind this spec does not become viable till at least level 26. I would advise playing the Ranger Spec highlighted in the other section pre lvl 25. This melee spec does surpass the range solo spec in almost all facets, the ranger spec can solo Elites whilst this melee spec will not.

    The core of this build focuses on avoidance form bladedancer and heals from riftstalker, while producing one of the highest dps outputs of all rogue solo specs. Do not try use this spec in Dungeons as you need to be getting hit to do the damage, and you can’t tank instance elite mobs.

    Build Plan

    We shall start with level 26 as this is recommended then work to 50.

    level 26 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MpVM.VG0h.xbdA0ozo

    level 28 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MpVM.VG0h.xbdAboMo

    level 30 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MpVM.VG0h.xbdAhoMk0z

    level 32 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MpVM.VG0h.xbdAhoMR0k

    level 35 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...xbdAhoMR0dz.0M

    level 38 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...bdAhoMR0dz.0Vo

    level 40 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...bdAhoMR0dz.0Vo

    level 45 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...AhoMR0dz.0VRcb

    level 50 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...oMRodz.0VRcx0b


    Combo Point Builder

    #show Flash of Steel
    Cast Blade Tempo
    Cast Poison Malice
    Cast Flash of Steel
    cast Disengage
    Cast Reprisal
    Cast Precision Strike
    Cast Puncture
    Cast Quick Strike
    Cast Keen Strike


    #show Twin Strike
    Cast Rift Disturbance
    Cast Twin Strike


    #show Shadow Shift
    Cast Flash of Steel
    cast Shadow Assault
    Cast Shadow Stalk
    Cast Shadow Shift

    Bar Setup

    1. Combo Point Builder Macro
    2. Deadly Strike
    3. False Blade
    4. Aoe Macro
    5. Warp Macro
    6. Side Steps
    7. Dancing Steel
    8. Weapon Barrage
    9. Disassemble

    Self Buffs

    Virulent Poison
    Leathal Poison
    Combat Preparation
    Planebound Resilience
    Stalker Phase

    Situations and how to React

    Single target
    Always use your Combo Point Builder Macro, followed by Deadly Strike. Judge how fast your target is going down, the skill is to kill mobs with 4 to 5 combo points on them to allow for heals and avoid downtime. Keep up Disassemble on Melee Mobs, may even want to put into your main macro along with Weapon barrage, however i like to do separately.

    If Side Steps and Dancing Steel is off cooldown, first make sure you don’t have Exhaustion from your Combo Point Builder Macro.
    1. Side Steps
    2. Warp Macro
    3. Then your Combo Point Builder Macro too 5 CP
    4. Finally Dancing Steel
    5. If mobs still alive use AOE Macro

    If no Side steps or Dancing Steel
    1. Aoe Macro to 5cp on main target
    2. False Blade
    3. Aoe Macro till dead
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    Range Leveling Guide

    This ranger guide will give you the best levelling experience if you like to Quest rather than AoE Grind. This spec cant cope with adds too well, also you will need to buy drinks to consume, however downtime is minimal. The goal is to have the mobs on your pet, while you blast from afar. The great thing about this build is that you can Dungeon, Rift, PvP and Quest without changing anything.

    Build Plan

    level 10 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MNfM.VMc.b
    level 15 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MNfM.VMcf.L
    level 20 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MNfM.VMcf0c.x0h
    level 25 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MNfM.VMcf0sks.x0h
    level 30 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MNfM.VMcf0sks.x0x0V
    level 35 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...sks.x0x0V0c.0c
    level 40 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...s.x0x0V0c.0VMc
    level 45 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M....x0x0V0c.0VMco
    level 50 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...0x0V0c.0VMcx0b


    Combo Point Builder

    #show Quick Shot
    cast Quick Shot


    #show Head Shot
    cast Rapid Fire Shot
    cast Head Shot

    Bar Setup

    1. Combo Point Builder Macro
    2. Shadow Fire
    3. Finisher Macro
    4. Rejuvenate
    5. Marksman Pedestal
    6. Concussive Blast
    7. Rain of Arrows
    8. Trick Shot
    9. Divert Rage

    Self Buffs

    Virulent Poison
    Lethal Poison
    Predatory Instincts

    Situations and how to React

    Single target
    Laying down a pedestal should be your first move, keeping in mind since 1.2 you now get a x.sec buff when leaving it, so its defiantly worth laying down pre battle. The
    rotation itself is very straight forward.

    1. Open with Shadow Fire - Always keep buff up
    2. spam Combo Point Builder Macro till 5 combo points on target
    3. use Finisher Macro
    Repeat steps 2 and 3 until shadow fire has 5 sec left and refresh it.


    Again always try open with Pedestal and Shadow Fire. Be sure to have a rolling Rejuvenate on pet also.

    1. Divert Rage
    2. Trick Shots to get mobs on pet x2
    3. Rain of Arrows
    4. Trick Sot to 5cp
    5. Concussive Blast
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    Raiding Rogue Melle Build

    Sab / BD - Solid AOE and Single Target


    Melle sab is a great versatile build, will produce nice dps in most situations, the rotation is nice and easy, and the play style is great.
    http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...0VRcxcb.VV0G0s (thanks Seyon)


    Incriminate Macro

    #show Incriminate
    /cast @focustarget Incriminate

    Bar Setup

    1. Spike Charge
    2. Shrapnel Charge
    3. Deadly Strike
    4. Puncture
    5. Detonate
    6. Incriminate Macro
    7. Weapon Barrage

    2nd Bar
    1. Embers Charge
    2. Fragmentation Bomb
    3. Chemical Bomb
    4. Blade Tempo
    4. Side Steps

    Rotations and Playstyle

    Firstly Blade Tempo should be utilised when it can be benefited the most, often you will use when ever off CD however i have not made it apart of normal rotation.

    Open with 5x Spike Charges, Often pre Engaging, Be careful not to pull aggro from tank, may be a good time to use Incriminate macro also.

    Boss will have 5 Combo Points and 5 Charges on it pre battle.

    New 1.3 Rotation from Dinadass:

    Preload 5x Spike Charges
    Then Deadly Strike, Puncture, Spike Charge, Detonate

    Then repeat this:
    5x Shrapnel Charge, Detonate
    3x Spike Charge, Puncture, Deadly Strike, 2x Spike Charge, Detonate

    AOE Rotation
    5x Shrapnel Charge, Detonate
    3x Shrap Charge, Puncture, Deadly Strike, 2x Shrap Charge, Detonate

    Key points to Keep in mind
    Incriminate is very powerful and should be used to help tanks on some encounters, and as a general rule to help tanks when you first engage.
    Use Blade Tempo on Opening and when ever off cool down
    Bombs + Incriminate can help tanks pickup loose adds
    Side Steps if you get aggro, keep in mind this will give you exhaustion and will prevent you from using Blade Tempo till its off.

    Downfalls of this build over Ranged Sabo Build

    No silence, in a few fights Carpet Bombing + Silence is required
    The obvious downfalls of Melee apposed to Ranged

    Self buffs

    Lethal Poison
    Virulent Poison
    Combat Pose

    Raiding Gear

    This is covered more in BiS gear Lists, however as a general Rule
    Highest Melle DPS Daggers
    Saga of Endless Bow for stats

    Sidenote- You can remove the +hit from talents and put into Quick Reflexes if over hit cap, but may not be worth it.

    The One Button Assasin / BD - Strong Single Target - Low AOE DPS

    Submitted by Hokonoso


    -The One Button
    #show Backstab
    petcast Bite
    petcast Maul
    cast Backstab
    cast Precision strike
    cast Puncture
    cast Quick Strike
    cast Keen Strike
    cast Weapon Barrage
    cast Blade Tempo
    cast Poison Malice
    cast Quick Shot

    I tried multiple buttons but with movement and everything else it ended up a dps loss.

    Bar Setup:
    -One button, headshot, flash of steel, deadly strike, quick shot

    Rotations and Playstyle:
    -flash of steel to start fight, 1 button to 5cp then headshot once every minute and deadly strike the rest, easiest rotation ever! ignore the clipping of the 2cp abilities as it doesnt matter, the more you spam the more dps you do! dont make your life complicated, make it easy with the Hoko spec!

    Self Buffs:
    -Lethal Poison, Verulent Poison, Combat Pose, Predatory Instincts and of course 2 +12 whetstones, flask, cake

    Raiding Gear Focus:
    -both relic daggers, stack AP, full t3 plaque gear is best for every slot just about, so save those badges and wear AP gear until you get them.

    Assasin / BD - Bleed Focus - Untested - In theory looks solid

    This build was submitted by Whokilledken

    Soul Build


    Assassin 32/ Bladedancer 23 / Nightblade 11

    - Great target switching damage with bleeds
    - Gap closer and 3 2 combo generators
    - on command survivability
    - fun immersive rotation
    - amazing ST damage on fast burn mobs

    - very limited range damage
    - difficult and unforgiving rotation
    - melee -_-


    Main macro

    #show precision strike
    cast Weapon Barrage
    cast precision strike
    cast backstab
    cast Keen Strike

    Hotkeyed essentials
    Flash of steel
    Deadly Strike
    Fiery spike

    Temp buff macro

    #show slip away
    use words of war
    cast slip away
    cast blade tempo
    (you can put cast poison malice if you want, but it takes a while to gain the energy back to use it and it seems to be a waste of 25 energy)


    Basically this is a very on the fly rotation. its set in stone for the first 20 seconds then it can turn into a "keep fiery spike up after deadly strike spamfest"

    Nice items that increase dps
    -Granite falls compass (defiant side)
    -Words of war (pvp)
    -Icewatch cupcake
    -Elder tablet
    -major energy potion
    -exquisit whetstone
    -Wrathful flame

    Before ecounter
    *you can preload 5 sab charges and change specs for a full combo on start. May get patched in for a fix, but it helps.
    equip your granite falls compass and wait for your raid leader to countdown. once he gets to say 3 seconds pop your granite falls compass and switch to words of war (granite doesnt trigger words of war) stealth then proceed to start the fight

    - Jagged strike -> impale(if you preloaded sab charges) ->fiery spike -> flash of steel ->macro til 5 combo points deadly strike -> fiery spike -> puncture -> main macro til 5 combo -> deadly strike -> fiery spike -> flash of steel -> main macro til 5 combo -> deadly strike

    Now at this deadly strike your jagged strike is just now falling off and you have 3 deadly dance's ready. now you use

    - Stealth temp macro -> jagged strike (here I use a energy potion) -> puncture -> Fiery spike -> Impale


    After that above opener ( LOL FUN !) goes into a simple macro mash and ALWAYS do a fiery spike after deadly strike. Try your best to maintain that part as its essential to keeping your dps up. Also try your best to keep puncture after deadly strike as well. Flash of steel is best used to get in and out of melee range quick and always stay on the mob and should mostly be used after an impale.

    Note: This spec i personally have not tested yet, however those that want to try please leave feeback.
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    Raiding Rogue Range Builds

    Ranger Focused - Strong Single Target DPS, Favors Target Swaps, Okay AOE

    Sozu's Ranger Build
    Zam Build Link Here


    Combo Builder Macro

    #show Quick Shot
    petcast Rend
    petcast Bloodied Blow
    petcast Razor Lash
    cast Crippling Shot
    cast Piercing Shot
    cast Quick Shot

    Finisher Macro

    #show Head Shot
    petcast Rend
    petcast Bloodied Blow
    petcast Razor Lash
    cast Rapid Fire Shot
    cast Head Shot

    For all your abilities that you use other than these two macros - turn into macros using the following code.

    #show skillname
    petcast Rend
    petcast Bloodied Blow
    petcast Razor Lash
    cast skillname

    Rotations and Playstyle

    Single Target

    Lay down Marksman Pedestal

    Shadowfire > CBMacro > CBMacro > CBMacro > Headshot (Provides +5% to all ranged damage)

    Repeat CBMacro > CBMacro > CBMacro > CBMacro > Finisher Macro

    When Shadowfire Buffs falls of, refresh then resume above.

    Rotation for Multi Target:

    2-4 targets:

    Trick Shot is your bread and butter in small, multi-mob pulls. Do not use Rain of Arrows as it is a DPS loss when there is only 2-4 mobs. Just spam Trick Shot and use Concussive Blast every 30 seconds for maximum damage output. If you find yourself too starved to spam trick shot (No Living Energy or Fervor buff) just cast a rain of arrows to catch up in energy.

    5+ targets:

    Lay Marksman Pedestal >

    Shadowfire > Trick Shot > Trick Shot > Trick Shot > Concussive Blast > Rain of Arrows > Trick Shot >

    Trick Shot > Rain of Arrows

    Repeat this rotation for max AOE DPS output.

    Cooldown Management:

    In a raid setting you will be given the Verse of Joy buff from bards every 2 minutes. When you recieve this buff immediately change your single target rotation to the following:

    Hit and Run > Empowered Shot > Empowered Shot > Deadeye Shot > Empowered Shot > Empowered Shot > Deadeye Shot

    Repeat this rotation until Hit and run wears off. At this point continue on with your normal rotation.

    If you do not have a bard in your group with fervor and verse of joy you can still use this cooldown, just do not use Empowered Shot. You can just use it for a couple instant cast Deadeye Shots. But using instant Empowered Shot without verse of joy really starves you of energy badly.

    Self buffs

    Virulent Poison
    Lethal Poison
    Predatory Instincts
    Blood Raptor
    Marksman Pedestal

    Saboteur Build - Solid AOE and Single Target dps, Does not Favor target swaps

    44 Saboteur Build




    Incriminate Macro

    #show incriminate
    cast @focus Incriminate

    Rotations and Playstyle

    Single Target
    5x Spike
    5x Shrap

    When mob is low life (not enough to finish you rotation), use Quick Shot.

    Rotation for Multi Target:
    5x Shrap

    When mobs low life
    Frag Bomb, Annihilation Bomb, Spamm Booby Traps till all dead.

    Cooldown Management:

    Use Poison Malice when avail
    Utilise Carpet Bombing with Bombs+Incriminate for quick tank assist on adds
    Utilise Carpet Bombing with Gas Bomb to aoe silence mobs for 32 seconds, perfect for Herald Adds.

    Self buffs

    Virulent Poison
    Lethal Poison

    Bar Layout

    Bar 1

    1. Spike Charges
    2. Shrap Charges
    3. Booby Trap
    4. Det
    5. Quick Shot

    Bar 2
    1. Poison Malice
    2. Carpet Bombing
    3. Frag Bomb
    4. Annihilation Bomb
    5. Choking Gas Bomb
    6. Incriminate Macro


    2 Points in Ranger is picked up to ensure DPS is calculated off your Ranged Weapon so make sure you have a nice one.
    To use inciminate macro /focus main tank. Remember if he or you die, focus is removed
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    Raiding Rogue Support Builds

    Alot of the following information has been revised for 1.3 with help from Lelan


    51 Bard / 8 Nightblade / 7 Ranger (credit to Subakna)


    #show Virtuoso
    cast Riff
    cast Virtuoso

    Bar Setup
    1. Candence
    2. Coda of Fury
    3. Coda of Restoration
    4. Power Cord
    5. Verse of Vitality
    6. Verse of Joy
    7. Virtuoso Macro
    8. Motif of Bravery
    9. Motif of Focus
    0. Motif of Tenacity
    -. Motif of Grandeur
    =. Motif of Regeneration

    Rotations and Playstyle

    Always keep up 5 Motifs at all times

    Candence will be your combo builder except when running use Power Cord

    Be smart when using your finisher Coda of Restoration, there is no point using if the raid is topped off. Pay attention to raid bars, only use when healing is needed, if not needing keep doing motifs, Cadence, and the finisher Coda of Fury.

    High Raid Damage - Use Virtuoso + CoR to help during these periods.

    Alternative to above, use CoR > Verse of Vitality > Riff > CoR for high raid heal burst when needed.

    Tip: Fanfares can be LoS'ed, meaning 1 bard can give Power to melee and Knowledge to casters if people LOS with bard for said buff.

    Self buffs

    Predatory Instincts
    Hellfire Blades

    Pre Raiding Gear

    Sacred Heirloom of Eth
    Spirit Wolf Totem
    These trinkets can activate with every tick of your Cadence, meaning they activate extremely often. Either of these will boost your healing by around 20%. An absolute must-have for a career raid Bard.

    Frozen Deep One Tear
    Crystal Vine
    Hailstone Tideshard
    Sparkling Extraplanar Gem
    Grasping Faesource
    These greater essences have a chance to activate the same way as the above trinkets. Any raid member affected by one of your healing abilities, even a single tick of cadence, can trigger these abilities. Some combination of the three are essential to a career raid Bard.

    44 Bard - No Joy

    51 Bard/ RS - Joy

    Additional Gear Notes

    Stats: AP > DEX > STR > Crit point for point
    Highest DPS weapons, Axes over Daggers, Slower weapons with higher end damage will be more beneficial.

    Addtional information / discussion
    full post here

    Joy vs No Joy
    "No Joy spec doesn’t have verse, as stated, but picks up talents in assn to greatly increase the dmg/healing of crits. In this spec with relatively low amounts of gear you’ll notice that even your MoR is critting for over 200 and that your cadence is critting for just a little bit less than it would if you were running the DD spec. Furthermore this spec utilizes CoR as your finisher so any extra raid healing that needs to be done can since DD doesn’t need to consistently be refreshed. This spec I would recommend to a bard whose guild doesn’t need VoJ or has 2 bards. I don’t get to run this spec anymore since I’m the sole Bard and required to have verse. Just as an FYI in this spec I have done 2200 HPS on dark focus fights in RoS and hit 1.4k on AoE intense fights like Oracle and GS (I’m pretty geared up though). I don’t have saved parses but if I get the opportunity to run it in the near future I’ll post some proof of its healing potential.

    Overall this spec has limited viability though. A bard’s verse is very under rated by players. Clerics shouldn’t really need mana even after the wisdom nerf in 1.3 if they are potting at appropriate times and aren’t over healing a ton. The main reason to have verse IMO is to keep your DPS, specifically your rogues, un-energy starved. Now that tablets suck and got normalized to +5 energy regeneration, they do almost nothing and rogues will need the VoJ at 90%-95% boss hp, and subsequently on CD for boss encounters to pull the max DPS they can. Not having VoJ for this purpose will lower your raids DPS by a noticeable amount, although it’s hard to put an exact value on since raid comps can change so frequently."

    Gear Math

    600 AP
    30% Crit

    Cadence Tick: 140
    Cadence Tick (Crit): 210

    Avg. Cadence Tick: 140*(1-0.3) + 210*(0.3) = 161

    Eating a cupcake and adding 10 atk power we find new cadence numbers…

    Cadence Tick: 140.816
    Cadence Tick (Crit): 211.224

    Avg. Cadence Tick: 140.816*(1-0.3) + 211.224*(0.3) = 161.9384

    Now take the cupcake off and return to the original 600 AP. Add in variables to the formula to represent the change in crit which would be needed to observe an average cadence change from 161 to 161.9384.

    140*(1-0.3-x) + 210*(0.3+x) = 161.9384

    x => 0.0134057 or 1.34057 % Crit

    By game mechanics and using math on the character stats screen we find that, 26.37 Crit Rating = 1% Crit

    Therefore, 1.34057% Crit = 35.35 Crit Rating

    In conclusion 10 AP = 35.35 Crit rating

    As you can see crit is a very expensive stat, meaning a lot of crit rating is needed to increase our crit by 1%. Furthermore we can see that AP is far better than crit. That being said there aren’t very many items in each slot which have dex as the major stat and are atk power based. A majority of rogue itemization seems to be around crit (by Trion). Therefore in many cases rolling on a crit piece may be the best option for a long time, especially since only Justicar cleric loot ever drops…

    I think however there are exceptions to this math where crit point for point becomes more attractive than AP. This is purely opinion based and I have no math atm to support my claim but here it is anyways…

    Cadence and coda of resto both heal 5 targets; therefore clear break points can be defined. At 20% crit for example, on average we expect 1 person to get crit healed by our cadence or CoR, likewise at 80% crit we’d expect on average 4 ppl to get crit healed by cadence and CoR. At 19% crit we can assume that 95% of the time that 1 person will receive a critical hit from cadence and CoR (20% is the break point and 19%/20%*100% = 95% crit chance on 1 target). I think that if your crit % is close to 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100% than it is worth itemizing to achieve slightly over that crit rating. That being said I don’t think it’s currently feasible to have 60% crit rating raid buff (not sure on this), typically people seem to be maxing out at around 55% from what I’ve seen. Therefore I would submit that after 40% crit raid buffed you should 100% itemize around attack power. Once Hammernell comes out the crit ratings on gear will most likely be ******ed and thus I would assume after 60% crit rating we should 100% itemize around AP.

    An overall hierarchy is: AP > DEX > STR > Crit point for point.
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    Raid Tanking Guide. (outdated for 1.3)

    Here we will mainly focus on spec and rotations and situations which you would utilize certain skills. Will not be covering Itemization, additionally this is a Guide for all Current 1.2 Raid content, i have not had a chance to see what specs to utilise in new raid content yet coming with 1.3, however probally will not change.

    Greenscale and Almost everything in River of Souls


    Combo Builder 1:
    #showtooltip Phantom Blow
    cast Reprisal
    cast Phantom Blow

    Combo Builder 2:
    #showtooltip Planar Strike
    cast Reprisal
    cast Planar Strike

    AOE Macro
    #show Rift Disturbance
    cast Reprisal
    cast Rift Disturbance
    cast Twin Strike

    Bar Setup

    1. Combo Builder 1 Macro
    2. Combo Builder 2 Macro
    3. Shadow Assault
    4. Finisher: Rift Guard
    5. Finisher: Guarded Steel
    6. Finisher: Annihilate
    7. Finisher: False Blade
    8. Aoe Macro
    9. Shadow Blitz

    2nd Bar (cd's)
    1. Planar Attraction
    2. Planar Switch
    3. Rift Prison
    4. Scatter the Shadows
    5. Planar Refuge
    6. Side Steps
    7. Memory Capture
    8. Flash Back

    Rotations and Play styles

    Unlike dps there is not a set rotation, as with healing, different skills are needed dependant on the situation. As a General Rule however:

    Round One
    Open with Shadow Assault
    3x Combo Builder Macro 1
    1x Combo Builder Macro 2
    Finisher Rift Guard

    Round Two
    Rift Disturbance (yes even single target), Combo Builder Macro 2 x4, Finisher Guarded Steel

    Round Three
    Combo Builder Macro2 x2, Combo Builder Macro 1, Combo Builder Macro 2 x2, Finisher: Rift Guard

    Round Four
    Combo Builder Macro 2 x5, Rift Disturbance, Finisher: False Blade

    Round Five
    Combo Builder Macro 2 x4, Combo Builder Macro 1, Finisher: Rift Guard

    Round Six
    Combo Builder Macro 2, Rift Disturbance, Combo Builder Macro 2 x3, Combo Builder Macro 1, Finisher: Annihilate.


    Open with Shadow Blitz
    Aoe Macro x1
    Get your Phantom Blow Stacks (3)
    Aoe Macro till 5 combo Points and start getting your Finisher buffs up like single target.

    Self Buffs

    Excluding Finisher Buffs

    Combat Pose
    Guardian Phase
    Planebound Resilience
    Predatory Instincts


    Obivously you want Hp, however focus on Dodge as your evasion stat, Parry is a bonus but should not be focused on. At the moment as a General Quick list:

    T3 Armor from New Raiding Tokens
    Foul Chitin necklace from Anraak
    GSB Rings from Duke and Greenscale
    Boots from Warmaster in River of Souls
    Belt from Dark Focus in River of Souls

    Mainhand: Saga Questline Mace
    Offhand: Legendary fang from Greenscale
    Range: Epic or Legendary from Greenscale

    Crustacean Talisman or Song of Lost Souls from Experts, AP and RD Respectively.
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    **Basic Rift Commands-General**

    (All commands are /"Command")

    abilitybar - Selects a specific ability bar page from your main bar.
    afk <message> - Sets you "Away From Keyboard" with optional message.
    alias <alias> <command> <blah> - Allows you to create alias for your commands.
    cancelbuff <spell> - Cancels a buff by name.
    cast <spell name> - Casts a specific spell.
    clearfocus - Clears a focus set by the /Focus command.
    combatlog - Brings up the combat log.
    dismount - Dismounts you from your mount.
    dnd <message> - Sets your chat to "Do not Disturb" with optional message.
    duel <player> - Starts a duel
    dungeoninfo - Displays dungeon info.
    equip <item> - Equips selected item
    equipslot - Untested
    filter - Turns adult chat filter on or off.
    focus <Target> - Sets your focus to selected NPC or player.
    follow <Target> - Follows the target.
    friend <player name> - Add player as a friend.
    help - Brings up available commands
    inspect <player name> - Looks at a target players gear.
    loc - Gives your location
    macro - Brings up the macro section.
    motd - Edits message of the day.
    played - Shows your time played.
    pvptoggle - Toggles your PVP flag on or off.
    random # - Rolls a number randomly up to the number specified.
    report <player name> - Reports a player.
    returntorespawn - Returns you to the graveyard if you are dead.
    role # - changes your role.
    startattack - Starts melee auto-attack.
    startrangedattack - Starts ranged Auto-Attack.
    stopattack - Stops your attack.
    stopcasting - Cancels casting.
    target <name> - Selects target player or NPC.
    targetexact <Target> - Selects the exact name of a NPC or Player.
    targetmark <number> - To target the marked target specified by <number>
    time - Displays the server time and the local time.
    version - Gives you the current RIFT version.
    who - Opens the social window.

    **Basic Rift Commands-Party**

    (All party commands are /"Command")

    clearallmarks - Clears away all target marks.
    dumpraid <filename> - Creates a file that lists the members of a raid.
    invite <player name> - Invites target player to your party.
    kick <player name> - Kick player from your party.
    leader <player name> - Transfer party lead to player.
    mark # - Mark a target with designated number.
    partyleave - Leave your party.
    raid_create - Create a raid.
    raid_disband - Disband a raid.
    readycheck - Prompts a ready window for everyone to confirm readiness.
    resetinstances - Resets a instance.

    **Basic Rift Commands-Chat**

    (All Chat commands are /"Command")

    chat # <message>,# <message> - Selects a chat channel you have joined and enters a message when a message follows the space after the number. See /chatlist for chatlist numbers.
    chatlist - Gives the list of chat channels and their numbers you have joined and that can be selected by /1, /2, etc. Aliases of this command are chatinfo and chatwho.
    guild <message> - Selects the guild chat channel and enters a message when a message follows the space after the command. Aliases for this command are /gu, /gc and /g.
    join <channel> - Joins a chat channel when the channel exists or not. Aliases for this command are chatjoin, cjoin, channel and chan.
    leave # - Leaves a chat channel by giving its number. See /chatlist for chatlist numbers. Aliases for this command are /chatleave, /chatexit, /cleave and /cexit.
    lfg - Short command to join the LFG channel (/join LFG).
    party <message> - Opens a party channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command to all party members. Alias for this command is p.
    tell <Player Name> <message> - Opens a tell/whisper channel to another character and sends a message in this private channel when a text follows the space after the character name.
    Aliases for this command are whisper, w and t. The hotkey 'r' ot the command reply can be used to repond to the last person sending you a tell (or whisper).
    wf <message> - Opens a warfront team channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command to all warfront team members.
    raid <message> - Opens a raid channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command to all raid members. Alias of this command is /rsay.
    say <message> - Opens an local channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command. Alias for this command is s.
    yell <message> - Opens an local channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command. Work like say but the text get another colour to emphasize it. Alias for this command is shout.
    announce # - Enables join/leave announcements for a given channel. Alias for this command is /ann.
    chatban # <player name> - Kick and bans a player from a chat channel. Aliases for this command are /ban, /bk and /cban.
    chatinvite # <player name> - Invites a player to a private chat channel. Alias for this command is /cinvite.
    chatunban # <player name> - Unbans a player from a chat channel. Aliases for this command are /unban and /cunban.
    moderator # <player name> - Make a player character moderator of the given channel. Alias for this command is /mod.
    owner # <player name> - Transfers channel ownership to another player character.
    password # <password> - Sets the channel's password, or clears it if no password entered.
    private # - Make a channel private. People must be invited using /cinvite to join.
    public # - Makes a channel public. Anyone can join who is not on the ban list.
    unannounce # - Disables join/leave announcements for a given channel. Alias for this command is /unann.
    unmoderator # <player name> - Remove moderator permissions for a player character on the given channel. Alias for this command is /unmod

    **Basic Rift Commands-Pet**

    (All Pet commands are /"Command")

    petaggressive - Sets your pet to attack anything that comes into range.
    petattack - Sets your pet to attack the current target.
    petcast <spell name> - Your pet will cast the spell given.
    petdefensive - Pet will only attack when attacked.
    petfollow - Pet will follow you.
    petstay - Pet stays at current location.
    petname <pet name> - Sets your pet name.
    petpassive - Sets your pet to do nothing, even if attacked.

    **Basic Rift Commands-Guild**

    (All guild commands are /"Command")

    dumpguild <filename> - Generates a file with the entire guild roster on it.
    ginvite <player name> - Invite a player to the guild.
    gleave - Leave the guild.
    guild <message> - Type a message to the guild.
    gkick <player name> - Kick a player from the guild
    glog - Brings up the guild log
    gsetmotd <message> - Sets the guild Message Of The Day
    gpromote <player name> <Rank> - Promotes a guild member to a rank designated
    gsetnotes <message> - Changes the Guild Notes message.

    **Special Macro Commands**

    /saveequip followed by an index number (e.g. “/saveequip 1″)
    o This saves the currently equipped set of equipment to the specified index.
    /loadequip followed by an index number (e.g. “/loadequip 1″)
    o This loads the saved set of equipment from the specified index.
    /cast followed by an ability name (e.g. “/cast Motif of Tenacity”)
    o This casts the specified ability. You can specify a target for that ability using special targeting syntax (e.g. /cast @mouseover Commander’s Order)
    /wait followed by a number of seconds (e.g. “/wait 1″)
    o This is used to tell the game engine to wait the specified number of seconds before issuing the next command.
    o This tells the game engine to stop the current action and is a necessary intermediate step between chained macro commands.
    /use item
    o This uses the item named (e.g. /use Blessed Tome)

    **Special Commands**

    exportui <filename> -- exports your UI, Chat, macro settings to a file
    importui <filename> -- imports your UI, Chat settings from a file. This works across characters, shards, factions, and even accounts.
    exportkeybindings <filename> -- exports your keybinds to a file
    importkeybindings <filename> -- imports your keybinds from a files. This works across characters, shards, factions, and even accounts.
    tweetpic - Tweet a Screenshot
    Tweet - Opens the twitter interface.
    %o - *Example* /p Attack %o. -> Attack him. or Attack her.
    %p - *Example* /s Take %p loot. -> Take her loot. or Take his loot.
    %s - *Example* /t %s is waiting. -> he is waiting. or she is waiting.
    %T - displays the target selected in chat.
    @Focustarget - Cast a spell at a target of a focused target, E.G. /cast @focustarget Soul lance
    @Lasttarget - Cast a spell on your last target before your current target
    #show “ability” - Causes the macro to inherhit the icon and ability icon of the skill.

    Macros in Action

    *Assisting main Tank*

    target <Player Name>
    cast <name of your usual starting skill>

    *Using chat in macros to remind you to rebuff*

    \\\Do This Step first\\\
    private # - Make a private chat

    \\\This is The Macro\\\
    #show <Motif>
    cast <Motif>
    wait 25
    <#> \\\Use the number of your chat\\\ - "Motif" is wearing off, re-cast it now!!
    party - This will switch your primary chat back to party mode for you. You can also use /say to go back to general chat.

    *Calling out Targets with group support*

    \\\Calling out a target\\\
    mark 1 @mouseover
    party Prepare to spike damage in 2 seconds
    cast @mark 1 debuff/snare

    \\\Rest of team applies damage with this double tap\\\
    cast @mark 1 Damage on a cooldown
    cast @mark 1 Spammable damage

    Most information copied from BlackholeX's Thread, edited for Rogue Relevance
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    Will give you a good idea of current upgrades.
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    Consumables List
    Will skip Raid Wide Pots.

    Heroic Powersurge Vial: 40 dex/str 1hr
    Mighty Powersurge Vial: 35 Dex/Str 1hr

    Legendary Bottle of Critical Strikes: Use: Increases Physical critical hit chance by 10% for 15 seconds.
    Heroic Bottle of Critical Strikes: Increases Physical critical hit chance by 8% for 15 seconds.

    Closing Rift reward consumables:
    Elder Tablet: Use: Restores Mana and Energy over time and increases Strength and Wisdom by 19 for 15 minutes.

    Exquisite Whetstone: Use: Increases melee weapon damage by 12 for 4 hours.
    Poisonous Coating: Ranged attacks have a chance to poison your target dealing 25 Poison damage over 4 seconds. This effect lasts for 4 hours.

    Icewatch CupcakeIncreased Attack Power by 10. Lasts for 30 minutes.
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    I would like to take this opportunity to thank authors of guides that have made it into this collaboration of information on the Rogue class.

    Thank you for your vast knowledge of the Rogue Tanking Soul, i would suggest if you are looking to expand your knowledge on the Rogue Tanking soul to check them out. They have specific informaiton on unique tanking situations that are not included in this thread, yet =)

    Sozu, Thanks for your love the the Ranger Soul and prodiving us with a great pathway to nice dps.

    Big thanks for Halfmind for comming up with a 1.2 Melle sab spec, and Dinadass for refining the rotation.

    Thanks to BlackholeX for all the work getting the ingame macros and commands to the community. Full guide is below

    Big thanks to Hoko for his one button goodness
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    Important 1.4 Notes

    New Raid Content will need
    320 Hit for DPS/Tank/Support
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    Liquidus - Defiant - Keenblade

    Message me in the game if you want to chat...

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    interested in seeing the melee level spec

    i am getting bored with Ranger

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