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Thread: Taking a tank as a sin in pvp, is it possible?

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    Default Taking a tank as a sin in pvp, is it possible?

    Ok so,

    Is it possible to take tank specs down in pvp? And I'm not talking baddies either, I'm referring to well equipped warrior tank specs.
    Most of my initial bleeds and spike damage they seem to be able to negate the majority of it. After this if you do blow ur slip away offensively you've gotta stand toe to toe with them, which is a fail.
    Most other classes I seem to have no problem with really. Does anyone else have have difficulty with these classes?

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    Open with Jagged. Apply full DoTs. Slip Away immediately and spam Expose Weakness from stealth to keep the dot damage up and prevent drinking. Once DoTs wear off, reopen from stealth and blow everything you got. Oh, and hope the tank-warrior doesn't have Balance of Power, or he can block your DoT ticks and the reflected damage will pop you out of stealth.

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