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Thread: summon pet 125 energy bug ?

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    Default summon pet 125 energy bug ?

    Ranger pet, energy cost bug?
    it happened during major invasion in shimmersand after I died. Then I respawned and wanted to summon pet but I couldnt so I tought I was in combat but that wasnt the case because the tooltip on all my pets showed that they costs 125 energy to summon lol... and my max energy is 100
    So i checked if I dont have any debuffs on me but no (just respawned after dead). I had to die again to reslove this problem.
    Someone else experienced this problem ? Is that a bug or it can happen underd certain circumstances ?

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    Happened twice to me, both times occurring straight after a death. I'm not sure what causes it, but the easy fix is to log out and back in

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