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Thread: Rift Junkies Saboteur DPS Raiding Guide

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    Default Rift Junkies Saboteur DPS Raiding Guide


    If you had one role and you had to choose one spec for all current raid content, what would you choose? I would choose nothing but a saboteur spec. Why? Simple, saboteur is the most versatile soul in the rogues lineup. Offering the ability to go from melee to range as needed losing less damage than other souls. Depending on how deep you go into the soul, saboteur offers several forms of utility to the raid.

    Charges having a zero through thirty meter range gives saboteur a large advantage over any other rogue soul. This gives the you the ability to create either melee or ranged focused specs. It also allows you to do near max damage with either focus both in melee or at range. Usually with melee jousting an area effect spell means a drastic loss of damage. With saboteur you can still apply charges and detonate losing only auto attack. Ranger and marksman have a minimum range for skills, unless a cool down is used. While the ranged saboteur can simply switch to melee without the slightest change in rotation.
    This spec: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1M...E00G0s.0VRcxcb

    For the full guide check by Kythik, here's the link: http://www.riftjunkies.com/2011/06/0...-a-bomb-on-me/
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