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Thread: Level 50 Solo/Grind Build?

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    Default Level 50 Solo/Grind Build?


    Using the above for soloing/grinding at 50. Was looking to see if there's any alternatives. I know there's a lot of threads about raiding and PvP at 50, but what about for the solo game? Any thoughts/ideas?

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    Best grind build I've seen, and the one I use personally.
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    Thanks a lot, Daglar.

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    This spec is amazing for Dailies/grinding/rifting/elites/invasions/etc at 50.


    You have most of the assassin goodies--you can move around points but I felt that 40 for Hidden Veil was worth shooting for. You can actually get away with a bit less and move points into another tree if you aren't worried about AoE breaking your stealth. I'm on a PvP server, so it's big for me.

    You get 2 shifts and rift scavenger in the riftstalker tree. You also get Rift Guard for those times you want to kill something really nasty.

    With this spec, you are also deep enough into Bladedancer to pick up Compound attack and Twin Strike. These two attacks, coupled with Rift Disturabance (Riftstalker) makes for an aoe juggernaut. With smart Combo Point usage for rift scavenger, you can literally fight forever in an aoe situation.

    You also gain a ranged interrupt/silence.

    You get Slip Away.

    You get Foul Play.

    You can pick up a Blind if you want.

    You get Sidesteps.

    Etc. Etc.

    Make sure to macro Reprisal to your base attacks. It makes for huge damage.

    Give it a shot. It's amazing.

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    i literally get two full stacks of spellspun (that is 100x spellspun silk) in 10 minutes in crown hill with the following spec. it's the same concept as caelan's, but imo this one is far better optimized for aoe grinding--32 points in BD is excessive, given that dancing steel is on a 2 minute CD and barely nets more damage than everything else, and that double coup doesn't even help in an aoe situation. his is perhaps nicer for single-target, but who grinds ST? (not trying to hate on you caelan, just sayin')

    you basically want some combination of riftstalker (durability and more importantly, rift scavenger) and bladedancer (aoe that gets you combo points for rift scavenger) with a soul to add to your dps. i use bd/rs/sin and it works wonders--i clear out the mobs in crown hill as fast as they spawn, and i can take on as many mobs as i can pull there (10+) without coming close to dying--if i ever get in any danger, i pop sidesteps

    aoe macro:
    cast reprisal
    cast rift disturbance
    cast twin strike

    single target macro:
    cast reprisal
    cast precision strike
    cast quick strike
    cast keen strike

    distance-closing macro:
    cast shadow blitz
    cast shadow assault
    cast shadow stalk
    cast flash of steel

    get dauntless strike buff up
    get false blade up
    after that, i normally don't use them. let the spare CPs go to rift scavenger and combat culmination when you kill mobs.
    else, compound strike does decent damage (when you're full on health and don't need the regen).


    basically just use distance closing macro then spam aoe macro till everything is dead. use some cps every once in a while for dauntless strike and false blade, else let them sit so you can scavenge. awesome thing about scavenger is killing weak mobs nets you tons of hp, and you generate SO MANY CPs when you're constantly dodging with contra tempo. and your dodge/parry is very high with false blade going and the dex boost in bladedancer. combat culmination is amazing (free +% to like everything and a MASSIVE amount of energy when you kill mobs with 5cps on them--which you will be doing often to abuse rift scavenger). i never run out of hp or energy, just kill kill kill
    again, deadly strike is unnecessary, so you can move the 8 points that are normally in a BD's blade finesse and deadly dance elsewhere, highly strengthening this build. 4 distance closers on 15-40 second cooldowns let you almost always have one up.

    i love this spec.
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    now with proof of concept video!

    if anyone thinks they can solo-aoe melt mobs faster as a rogue feel free to show ;)
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    Now how would the Greater Razorback handle that many mobs in a full Ranger build?

    Transfer threat, Mend, Rain of arrows...

    I'm 35,, curious how the tank pets scale up.

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