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Thread: Pre-30 AoE leveling?

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    Default Pre-30 AoE leveling?

    To take a break from the boring endgame grind (so sick of T2's), I'm rolling yet another alt. On my other toons I only kill things in quantity (4+ mobs). Starting over with a rogue and killing 1 at a time is driving me a little crazy.

    I've seen several threads talking about AoE killing (melee/rs, sab, etc), but all of them seem to require a mid-30'ish or higher rogue.

    I'm looking for some suggestions for pre-30 AoE leveling. Hopefully sustainable with minimal downtime, but I'm not sure that's possible at all. The lack of self healing other than 13 RS really limits my options.

    I'm thinking maybe something with ranger for divert rage (but 1 min cooldown) or bd/13 rs+ranger?

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    I would love to know this too. I am level 19 and trying to figure out if there are lower level aoe builds so far the only thing I have been using is trick shot but thats not that great

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