So, I'm currently leveling my rogue who is lv35 now. I'm running with and Assas/NB build.
In most non AoE fights I pull easly 300-400 dps.
Now, I wanna level this girl up to 50 and raid with her.. I got plenty of raid experience from previous MMO's but ya, every MMO is different ;) So maybe you guys could give me some tips.

I read somewhere about the weapons that slow might be better for bleed damage because of the higher end damage and fast is better for poison apply. Now my poisons don't apply that often and don't feel like they should apply more. They don't do that much damage. Am I right? (with slow weapons I did 40-60 more dps then with fast on this lvl).

Also, is it worth playing this spec in raids or is there even a higher output melee-based build? Which will also be avg. for the upcomming patches and stuff. I read something about bladedancer, I tried but I never ever get that much dmg output from it as I do from Assas/NB.

Thanks for reading, hope to get some tips