I was toying around with a new build to help snag agro for when SB is on cooldown. RD just sometimes leaves a mob running for the healer.

Note: I was think for trash builds... not boss tanking!

I then saw that a little prep work could setup good AOE threat on groups...


Basically it allows you to set 5 charges on the target before porting in...using shrapnel charges you then get enough threat to handle the initial charge.

The other benefit is on single target you can get 5 combo points for an early defensive pop.

Reduced stun by 50% is nice to.

The only con by not going into Bladedancer/Ranger is 5% dodge and Falseblade, in addtion to the 4% reduce in damage.

You gain 15% dex... in addition to some utility like AE snare.

Seems feasable... what you guys think?