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Thread: NB/Sin/RS DPS

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    Default NB/Sin/RS DPS

    I've been playing for a while with this spec, it seems to be doing quite fine from my experience, on single target. I'd like peoples opinion on it


    I've chosen the RS mainly for the 15% dmg increase, but also for the 15% crit. You can phaseshift enough times, to keep the buffs up constantly. + The increased AP and HP bonus.

    SoD + phaseshift + Dark Malody = insane damage.

    And if you use Ebon Fury aswell, you get some really great burst for PvP.
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    As a fan of the Nightblade, I'd be interested to see a report / parse of your damage over an entire boss fight, and what ability rotation you use.

    Some of your dps claims seem suspect. For example, you have three planeshift abilities, and each has a 45sec cooldown, so how do you have your 15% crit buff all the time?

    You mention Dark Malady, but this is only active for 8 seconds of a fight, yes?

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    seems like a solid setup.

    you should do some dummy parses. self buffed.
    You do in fact have 15 sec downtime of the 15% crit rate, and thats being generous assuming a person can perfectly use a plane shift every 10 seconds back to back. So not an everlasting buff, id say just delay a few sec between shifts to help average your dps over long fights a bit better.

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