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Thread: Solo Bard spec, happy AoE time.

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    Default Solo Bard spec, happy AoE time.

    I've been running this spec for a few months, and honestly, I have to say that I am pleased with how it worked out.


    This gets rid of a lot of the group buffs in favor of boosting your own power. Your buffs should be Anthem of Glory or Defiance (depending on attack type you are facing), Combat Pose, Fanfare of Vigor (since Fanfare of Power does not stack with Combat Pose, this maximizes your stats), Stalker Phase, and Planebound Resilience.

    Cadence is still your main combo builder, but finishers should be as follows: Guarded Steel, False Blade, Annihilate.... then with those buffs in place, you can finish depending on your targets. I love to use Compound Attack on 1-2 targets, and Coda of Fury on 3+. Use Rift Disturbance and Shadow Stalk whenever they is up.

    If you find yourself in dire straits, Side Steps will preserve you while you pop Riff, then Virtuoso, then you can either spam Coda of Restoration to crawl back up to max health, or go on a Coda of Fury spree to decimate multiple opponents. If you decide you're just sick of the invasion group coming at you, enter with Rift Disturbance to round them up, Side Steps, Riff, Virtuoso, and spam Coda of Fury. This will get rid of most invasion parties. In addition, every attack you dodge will be followed by Strike Back, allowing for a crazy amount of damage output while keeping yourself safe.

    When engaging groups, target the weakest members, and finish with a five point combo to recover with Rift Scavenger. 30% of your health back instantly. Also, if you're keeping up with AoEs and Rift Disturbance, the others will be softened for additional heals.

    Weapon Barrage will bring those casters close to participate in the various bombardments they would otherwise have missed by standing away from the crowd.

    By the time you're set, your offense is your defense, your defense is your offense, and your healing is damaging your opponents.

    The spec is rather easy to use overall. If you're a bard enthusiast like myself but often find yourself out on your own, I'd recommend giving this a try.
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    Holy crap...

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    Seems like a slower killing but safer version of what the BD/RS/SIN PvE build does. If you like it, by all means enjoy it, but there are much faster and more efficient specs available to you.

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