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Thread: Deadly dance + saboteur's charges = bug?

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    Default Deadly dance + saboteur's charges = bug?

    Hi, yesterday i found guide about how melee saboteur can do good damage in PVE, tactic is simple:

    bladedancer's ability "Deadly Dance" + any charges. Deady dance ( http://rift.zam.com/en/ability/50000...1/Deadly-Dance ) say:

    Your Deadly Strike increases the damage of your next 3 Combo Point generating abilities by 7% per Combo Point.

    But this doesn't work correct for saboteur's charges - damage increases, but charges doesn't trigger buff stack of deadly dance, in this way for 15 second you can get 105% more damage for all used charges

    is it bug?

    p.s. i'm playing rogue, but i don't like foul play

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    Please... take the time to read existing threads before posting new ones. Here, I'll even direct you to it. It's in the current top 10!

    Deadly dance + Saboteur charge behavior is intended!
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