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Thread: Rogue DPS - Marksman, Ranger and... Bladedancer?!?!

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    Question Rogue DPS - Marksman, Ranger and... Bladedancer?!?!

    Hey everyone me and my friend created a new character each, hes a warrior tank and im a rogue DPS. I was looking at a guide for the best dps build, and it said marksman, ranger and bladedancer. I didnt really think anything of it until around level 10. I put all my points into ranger and marksman. But the thing is bladedancer doesnt go well at all with them two others, why is it good for dps!??

    Can you guys please give me tips on how to make it usefull with ranger and marksmen, and how I should spent my points on it. I think ive spent 8 in marksman, 6 in ranger and 1 in BD.

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    The ability that makes BD improve DPS for builds is the passive enhancement called Deadly Dance which augments Deadly Strike. It basically makes your combo-point generating abilities do a good amount of additional damage once the finisher is used.

    The negative part about using it, however, is that you must play a ranged class in an awkward way. Shoot at something, then run in to smack it with the BD skill, then run out and continue shooting away. It doesn't sound (and personally isn't, from experience) fun to do that, but to each their own.

    My advice is to play the game how you wish to play, but educate yourself about what works better. In the end, there's always a solution that enables you to perform well and have fun. Only the people who like to nit-pick will give you a hard time.
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    You'll have enough points to get the top-tier talent in two sould, with 4 points spare for your third if you want it. Generally it's not worth going super-deep into any one soul beyond what you need for the 31-point talent, although sometimes it's worth sticking one more in if the 32-point root ability is good, and it's not worth spreading your points too evenly across three souls, as then you end up with a load of mid-tier talents and nothing really good.

    Assuming you're going to put most of your points into Marksman and Ranger, it's only really going to be the first tier or two that you need to concern yourself with in other souls, and most of them have a couple of decent first- and second-tier talents which aren't tied in to that soul's specific skills (e.g. 5% crit boost from Assassin, 15% dex boost from Saboteur, and so on).

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