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Thread: Been away - looking for Rogue advice

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    Default Been away - looking for Rogue advice

    When Rift originally came out I leveled a Rogue to 50 rather quickly. Eventually I decided it wasn't the class that I was disliking, it was the guild and server, so I rerolled a Mage, which I also got to 50. Then, just before RoS opened up on live servers real life took hold and I've been out of touch with Rift for a few months now. Well, I'm back (kind of) and looking to go back to what I loved the most, Rogue. I'm on a PVE server and looking to level a Rogue as quickly as possible.

    Right now I'm a whopping level 6 sporting BD/RS/Sin as my spec, putting most my points in BD and all off points into RS until I get the combo-point self-heal. Anyway, on to business, here's my questions:

    1) Am I using the most efficient leveling spec? I tried RNG/MM/Sin on another Rogue until 12 or so and loved it. The spec I'm using now was recommended by a guildie so I said, "what the heck, I'll give it a try".

    2) End game; I know, I know, there's no "best" spec. However, I'm looking for competitiveness. Will a RNG/MM/Sin spec be as competitive as I've read the BD/NB spec is? I'll be doing tons of T1/T2's right off the bat to get myself geared back up for raiding and from what I remember Ranged had it a bit easier in Experts, so I'm pretty sure RNG/MM/Sin would come on top here, but what about raiding? My guild is currently 1 into RoS and working on Lord Greenscale.

    3) Professions; Thinking Mining/Foraging/Weaponsmith. That's what I did on my first Rogue and it seemed to work out pretty well for me.

    4) Any other suggestions for a Rogue that's behind the times?

    Your help is much appreciated, thanks a ton in advance!

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    1. Most of the melee builds wont come to their full light till about lvl 30, I would personally stay with a ranged build (ranger with a tank pet works). Alternatively you can take zero point ranger to get the tank pet and dps with whatever build while the pet tanks for you. Keep in mind the zero point pet stops scaling at lvl 30 so you will have to respec then. If you still insist on a melee build put first 13 points in RS to get the RS heal, you might be less dps in the beginning but once you get more in a dps soul it will work well. Search for the CUISINART spec in the forums it works wonders imo.

    2. End game higher dps depends, Sab is best aoe, others are best single target. It is true that ranged have an easier time in experts but T1/T2 have been recently nerfed and having a melee in there is not as much of a burden as it used to be as long as you dont stand in the firebuff (you get the point)

    3. No advice from me here I had all 3 gathering professions on mine.

    Have fun
    Stalking them rifts, the rogue's way !!

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    1) In my opinion, you are using the most efficient leveling spec. 13 Riftstalker is pretty sweet for grinding quests. Really tough bosses gave me a challenge, so I switched to Ranger for those to have my pet tank.

    2) The Rng/MM/Sin spec will be very competitive in every T1/T2/Raid that is out right now. Sab will do far better on trash and AoE in general. That's not to say the Rng spec is not good on AoE. It wouldn't be a bad idea to use both, since the Rng spec has better single target capabilities. Sab is just an easier spec to use as you could honestly just do 5 shrap -> detonate and still do pretty damn well in raids/dungeons.

    Ranged in general will be safer while you learn mechanics for raids. Rogue melee DPS has diversified a ton and there are many builds which perform very well. See what your guild makes you do during a raid to determine what builds you want to use. For me, this is what I tend to do for each raid:

    Duke - Sab. There are tons of stupid adds that you can just spam Shrap -> Detonate and be very effective.

    Infiltrator - Melee. This is like my only shot where I get to be melee and beat everyone in a parse . Otherwise Sab does equally as well. Since Sab has a stupid easy rotation you can focus on avoiding bombs which is FAR more important than topping a parse. Your guild seems to have this guy down so he's probably not even a DPS check anymore.

    Oracle - Sab. Does well to help w/ the wisps that come close because you can just wait an extra half second on detonating a Shrap to make sure you hit wisps too. Also lets you safely switch mobs if one is at a lower HP. Ranger will do equally as well here.

    Hylas - Doesn't matter. Melee or Ranged is fine, just make sure you don't sheep your healers!

    Greenscale - If you're on pollen/plant duty you should go Ranger imo.

    You're not far enough into RoS to comment, but Sab would do perfectly fine in all encounters. Plutonus is your chance to try and top DPS charts but that depends if you care. I mean I've got two relics and I have yet to go DPS on Plutonus lol. I insist I go bard to do the crystals instead .

    3) I did foraging/mining/runecrafting. Runecrafting is very useful imo, since you'll be getting gear upgrades very frequently and its important to stay on top of your runes. Weaponsmithing is lvled on a alt for me to just make whetstones. Foraging/Mining is great to have while you level so you can make some extra plat. Only caution is leveling Runecrafting w/o having outfitter or something is going to be expensive.

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    i like sab, have since i got 50, mainly because of the ease of rotation that allows me to focus on other things.

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    1.) The RNG/MM/SIN spec is what I used when I leveled (I prefer ranged builds) and it worked amazingly. I put all points into RNG up to 31, then focused on getting SIN to 17 for the crit boost. I highly recommend this build for leveling as it makes your life easier having a pet to tank for you.

    In the end, it's all about what you enjoy playing. As a melee, you'd want to balance survival with DPS but if you can make it work in other ways, go for it.

    2.) I've recently progressed to endgame stuff, and so far I've realized that it's wise to have both a single-target and AoE DPS spec. Bard is handy, but for skilled parties, you won't need it (aside from select boss fights). I was using RNG/MM/SIN for a while, but I decided I wanted to make focused specs (BD/NB for single-target, Sab for AoE), but I plan to buy my fourth role and remake the RNG build.

    I haven't had experience with raid-based content as of yet (I'm on T2 stuff now), but at the end of the day, as long as you can do well with your playstyle, people tend to not care unless it's absolutely necessary for you to do something a certain way (bard usually).

    3.) For my professions, I have Outfitter/Butchering/Runecrafting and have found it to be very sufficient for leveling and making sure I'm well-equipped. At 50, you depend more on T1/PvP armor rather than crafted stuff it seems, but I'm sure there's useful stuff that you can eventually buy with marks.

    4.) I advise to just try things. Having a leveling buddy is great. When I was leveling, I switched around a TON with my specs. I started as s SIN, changed to BD and experimented with NB, but found synergy with RNG/MM.

    Just have fun!

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