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Thread: Why make it Complicated

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    Default Why make it Complicated

    So Iím a Rogue I spend many hours testing builds trying my own combinations of skills, The rogue as many classes are still in the fix stage, there will be changes every patch for the next months to go.

    What I would like to see is! People sharing the builds not beating around the bush all in one thread! Why do we need to spend hours reading posts about others specs. List your build leave a legit Parse and take a look at what others are using. Try to maximize your spec from there information as yours might need some tweaks.
    So letís do everyone a favor! No gossip crap or complaining, if you got a build and itís doing well list it! Explain it and move on. There is no need to make it complicated as rogues will be worked on for the next coming months; I personally donít have time to sit on a dummy 2 hours a night or waste testing builds in raids.
    Link your build and what areas you use it in and stop with all the trash talk!

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    Uhm what? That's what goes on in this forum. People list their builds, their rotation, and people talk about ways to improve it, or why they don't like it. No one is telling you to go spend 2 hours on a boss dummy. Other people like to and it's a good way to work out rotations.

    All in all, I have no idea what your rant was about...

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    Perhaps this is just my newbie mindset but I believe you are meant to play in a way that "feels right".
    There are plenty of builds, however, to help you find what feels right. Try looking on Rift Zam or Rift Junkies... both sites have a drop down that lists tons of builds per calling as well as other users commenting on said builds.

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    each build depends on you. it's not so much what you like doing because if you melee and want to do top dps and not be sab you will have to apply fiery spike. there is no way around this if you want max dps. the melee ranger hybrid without nb was pushing 1700dps for me, but fiery spike builds put me around 1900 so the difference is noticeable even while doing the exact same specs.

    i personally like the 27bd/20nb/19sin the best, it's easier to do than the 32sin/20bd/14nb due to not having to rely on slip away and timing cooldowns, just spamming away with abandon. both have similar/difficult rotations however so once you learn one the difference is minimal. but deadly dance is king now, and AP is amazing since all your abilities except fiery spike scale extremely well with it.
    Useful Rogue guides since I don't want to answer 50 billion questions anymore:
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