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Thread: Leveling as a Rogue Saboteur

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    Default Leveling as a Rogue Saboteur

    With a pet capped at 30 I'm finding it harder to level as a Sab now that I'm 35. I love playing to soul but am I going to be forced to swap out to another to get to 50?

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    non-rangers are not built for aoe grinding, as a sab, stack charges, drop adhesive bomb, blow, should be able to kill b4 it gets to you.

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    or drop land mines and a trap (probably booby trap if you have 32 points in sab).

    gotta have silent setup annoying if there's a lot of people around you. not so much if you're by yourself. lay down mines and trap, stack 5 charges, det. move back a bit while stacking a couple more charges...boom, mob is dead.

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