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Thread: Cadence damage/heal calculation

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    Default Cadence damage/heal calculation


    Maybe this has been answered before but could not find it...

    Im playing a bard as main soul in almost all my specs and what Im interrested in understanding is how Cadence damage/heals are calculated.

    Some questions are:

    * Does it calculate main hand and off hand damage or only main hand?
    * Does it include ranged damage in calculation?
    * Does it use DPS or weapon damage in calculation, meaning is it better use a slow high damage low dps wep or a fast low damage high dps wep.

    * I heard if u go ranger soul u get an addon in Cadence damage from ranged wep, is that only because of soul or because iof the ranged damage multiplyers in rangers soul?

    Thanks in advance


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    1) Main hand damage.

    2) It will use ranged weapon damage instead of your main hand weapon if you have Marksman or Ranger as one of your 3 souls.

    3) It uses DPS like all "Weapon damage + X" attacks.

    4) It is because Marksman and Ranger get a passive at 0 points that allows use of ranged auto-attacks whenever you are not in melee range meaning that if you are not in melee range your attacks will start using your ranged weapon instead of your melee weapons.

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    So does the Bard benefit from "Shadow Fire" ?? + 35% dmg on ranged attacks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vivvi View Post
    So does the Bard benefit from "Shadow Fire" ?? + 35% dmg on ranged attacks?
    No it doesn't because Shadow Fire is +35% to all "RANGER" abilities not "ranged" abilities
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