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Thread: Sab help?

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    Default Sab help?

    What bombs and traps do I want to use for pve questing, instances, and raiding? Also, why is there any point to use the normal first charge you get for single targets or is the aoe still better because of the talents even for 1 target?

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    Indeed you are correct, Shrapnel Charge > Blast Charge in all situations except where the 6 second DoT from Shrapnel Charge will not have time to run it's course(when something will be close to dying).

    As for traps and bombs, they each have their uses.

    As for traps, booby trap is often an increase in dps at early levels of gear due to the way it scales(and it never misses). It could also be placed to help tanks instantly pick up threat. Eg. Placing the trap where a mob will spawn and incriminating the tank just before it pops. Entangling trap is largely useless compared to the slow bomb, but in terms of questing, it can be pre-placed before a hard mob pull to slow them. You could then use the slow bomb as an additional slow.

    As for bombs, these are what make the Saboteur the most versatile and most desirable spec in a dungeon environment.

    Annihilation bomb -> Specc'd with demolition expert, 5x spike charge -> annihilation bomb would equal the best aoe dps a Sab could get on a 3 mob. Also has it's uses with Carpet Bomb, the 8 seconds worth of stun can save groups from a particularly bad pull. Can't say how many times me and another Sab have pulled an 16 second stun rotation to save our group from a pull after the tank has died.

    Adhesive bomb -> Can be used a slow, pretty self-explanatory

    Silence bomb -> can be used to silence ranged mobs in dungeons so that they will pull to the tank, this is great in cases where it's hard for the tank to LoS(can also help in the Mender pull from Lord Greenscale fight), not to say it makes dungeons far more fluid. It can also be a great, even essential, utility bomb to silence pesky mobs(Like 3 sabs running a silence rotation on the Defiler adds from Herald Gaurath, RoS raid).

    Chemical Bomb -> Can be used like the booby trap in establishing instant threat to the tank where a trap is inappropriate. Eg. In the fight Herald Gaurath, where the mobs spawn, a party member could instantly killed if the tank is even a split second slow on the pull. Booby trap doesn't work, because 2 idols are spawned before the mob that will proc the trap first.

    There you go I pointed out the examples of their application in raids to show that even at endgame, they can be very useful. Coupled with Sab being the best AoE spec a Rogue has to offer, these utilities make it an absolute must-have in your 1/5 roles.
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    I don't know how effective Sab is at questing, seems like a piece of paper.

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    Some people have great success questing as sab, but I personally never like it. I used ranger or assassin builds depending on the situation.
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