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Thread: Need a bit of build help

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    Default Need a bit of build help

    Im trying to learn the rotation in the 27bd/20nb/19sin build because I want to see just how much better it is than the current ranged build I'm using. The problem is that all I have ever played with my rogue is ranged. So it's a bit confusing. And although I found the build on the forums, I couldn't find a rotation/macro to use with it.

    If any of you melee rogues could help that would be great

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    pritty sure marks and ranger and sab all outdps this spec but ya i'm not sure of the macros as i play range rog 99% fo the time soz

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    Besides leveling to 50 with an Assassin/Nightblade/Riftstalker build, I am a melee noob, but I do know there are a couple of Bladedancer and Sab builds that are more single target DPS than any ranged build. As for AoE, Sab rules the calling hands down.

    That said, ranged builds tend to be a bit easier to play and require a bit less concentration. Im sure someone knowledgeable of melee will be along shortly to give you some help (or troll).
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    Just take a look at http://www.tophatgents.com/forums/vi...314&gid=203634 for info on how to play the spec. GL.
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