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Thread: A little testing

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    Default A little testing

    So i had free time today and decided to do some tests.First i am level 45 and i was testing on the level 50 normal practice dummy so the damage is lower that it would usually be.In the test there were no critical hits.
    I tested the High Explosives dot damage and used 4 builds :
    1 - http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1M...bEztkkoz.V0t0G - sab/nb/inf
    2 - http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1M...ztkkoz.0AM0p0o - sab/sin/ranger
    3 - http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1M...ztkkoz.0AM0p0o - sab/sin/inf
    4 - http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1M...bEztkkoz.V0t0G - sab/nb/ranger

    1 build - 65,53 average damage
    2 build - 80,98 average damage
    3 build - 67,58 average damage
    4 build - 82,78 average damage

    What i noticed was when i put the ranger soul instead in inf soul the damage suddenly jumps up.

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    Eh...what is the purpose of the commas between your numbers?

    The reason why you see a jump when you spec ranger is because the game switches your default weapon (the one your attacks are based on) to your ranged weapon, which has a much higher dps than your melee weapons.

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