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Thread: Need some Rogue help, PvP and PvE

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    Default Need some Rogue help, PvP and PvE

    I recently started this game and leveld my rogue to level 27, mostly from PvP. Ive been using these souls pretty much the whole time:
    So far ive noticed how fast i die if 2 people decide to kill me first and no heals (except leeching poison but thats like 30 hp)

    SO... i decided to try out something different... getting most of the skills i found useful in assassin, but combining it with some riftstalker heals

    and i got this:
    Changed infiltrator to bladedancer because i thought sidesteps would be better

    and at level 50 i was hoping my souls to look something like this:

    And this is my PvE build mainly for doungens:

    any opinions/fixing my builds for me/whatever is welcome
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