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Thread: Bard Damage and Scaling Stats?

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    Default Bard Damage and Scaling Stats?

    To whom it may Concern,

    I am new to this game and trying to get the most out of it. In all my other games I play I enjoy the way support feels the best. So when I was playing a bard I knew what I was getting into and the role I am supposed to play. But now that I look at the skills a question popped up in my mind. How the hell do the bardís abilities access damage? I would really like help figuring out how this bard is supposed to scale. Is he agility like all of the other rouge classes or if it is biased on spellpower (so INT and Wis)? I cannot for the life of me find any information on this and would really like some help. The only hint is the abilities are life damage but it says adds the physical damage of the weapon. So I have no clue. Thank you for your time helping a knub out.

    ---A Fellow Gamer

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    bard does not really scale, onyl thing is to get a high dmg weap and try increase the dmg of candence but is does not scale will to prevent too high raid heals.

    Just need hp to survive most mechanics in raids

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