Pretty good build for world and bg pvp as a stealth rogue.

Should open with expose weakness in stealth then jagged strike, 3 combo rupture, puncture, savage stike or primal strike, refresh expose weakness. I then hold with 3 combo points and zero energy. Let eneregy refresh while your autoattacking. At around 100 energy punture should pop hit it and foul play then final blow for finish. reapply expose weakness and 4 dots should drop them. Expose weakness is very important its does a massive about of damage very fast, can bleed through 20 stacks in 3 seconds stay on top of it to be most effective. Can throw in a shadow stalk from stealth in there for 15% damage buff as well. Shadow assault is also nice for buff.

The bleed assassin is beast jagged strike and rupture crit like 75% with the talents added with expose weakness they do some serious damage fast in 1v1 situations.

Without any rank I find nightblade to be more effective it adds alot of damage on finishers and 10% buff. Aswell as a pretty handy fire & death defence talents. Could'nt see going without riftstalker while adds no damage to a damage build it has 3 nice abilitys to increase crit 15% while making you very mobile. Shadow stalk, Shadow assualt, Shadow shift.

I went full assassin till 36 then did nightblade and finishing with riftstalker.