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Thread: 32 Marksman/26 Nightblade/8 ranger

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    Default 32 Marksman/26 Nightblade/8 ranger

    so, got bored and slightly drunk while working on the finishing touches of a school paper (rough draft, no writing of important stuff while buzzed ) but I just kinda stumbled on this... I'm usually crashing around Cleric threads but my cleric bores me lately as he ain't got a specialty. Was wondering if anyone else has tried this, and if so, how well it works?

    If not, fellow rogues, does this idea seem feasible?


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    I used to run a Heat Retention build pre v1.2 but now you get better damage increases from Marksman itself. Taking Heat Retention means losing IH&R and Magnify Pain from Assassin. It is now a DPS loss.

    Pre 1.2 you could take 5/5 Heat Retention and play a low point Marksman using Dead Eye to consume Heat Retention stacks and still have enough points for Magnify Pain. Now in order to have both Heat Retention AND Magnify Pain you have to abandon the new improved Marksman talents and cooldowns.

    No longer viable, not in the least.

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