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Thread: Ending my pet dependency

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    Default Ending my pet dependency

    Hi all,

    When I started Rift, I was determined to try some new things, and to experience lots of different playstyles. To this end, I created a stable of characters that had a little of everything - warrior tank, mage dps, healing cleric (the basics, because I like them)

    ...and because I like them a LOT, I filled the rest with rogues; an assasin because I like the sneaky melee rogue style, a saboteur because the class intrigued me, and a marksman because i liked the ranged archer type.

    Not knowing what else to grab with them, I ended up adding ranger to both the marksman and sabo. I found leveling through 30 became very easy - send in the pet, and either blast or perforate the target, depending on which character I was.

    Trouble is, I've noticed not that my pets no longer hold aggro, and though the answer is probably obvious to more knowledgable players, I didn't immedietly notice.

    My poor razorbeasts - limited to level 30, as I didn't have very many points in the ranger soul. So, my marksman (35 now) is consistently pulling aggro, and the sabo (33) won't be far behind. (The pyro, at 38, feels his poor lvl 30 elemental is also pretty hopeless, but that's for another forum...)

    My desire in the past was to play a 'pure' class with the rogues - that is, the assasin is a 51 point assasin, and the sabo and marksman were also planned to be 51 point builds in the main soul. (and, yes, I know I could have played one rogue to 50, then just grabbed different roles, but I wanted to experience leveling the various souls...)

    I'm torn as to what to do. I went ahead and respected the marksman into a pure ranger with marksman support (I figured, if half of my toons have pets, there must be something about the playstyle that appeals to me, so I might as well embrace it... )

    The sabo (and also pyro) though, I want to keep pure to their main souls. This means, though, that the pet is going to be obsolete soon.

    So, the question - what suggestions do the wise forum members have as to support roles for the sabo? Is theres something I'm missing that would let me keep playing with a pet, or should I ditch the pig and take a different soul completely? Should I capitilize on the sabo's mobility, take something with lots of snares, and kite the heck out of stuff?

    Anyway, looking for suggestions. (For the pyro, too, though I know that's not really this forum's area...)

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    You are not missing anything, without points put in the tree with a pet they all stop at level 30. At level 30 you can funtion without a pet but its the down time from drinking to heal yourself that hurts.

    If you do not wish to put 26 points in a tree for a pet then next best thing is 13 points in Riftstalker for rift scavanger, it heals nicely if you learn to use it right.

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    If you're keen on trying sab whilst leveling, the 44sab/18asn/2rng is a good bet. Since you aren't 50 yet I assume you mean how to quest etc. with sab. So it would literally be stealth to your objective, killing the bare minimum.

    In terms of killing, use silent setup to stack 5 charges on any mob -> blow -> if its not dead, slow bomb -> kite and stack more charges accordingly.

    It's easy enough, but I still prefer having a pet who can just take all the aggro.

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