In the Black garden and Whitefall you tend to get situations where there are 3-4 people guarding someone or something, especially in the Black garden you quite often end up with 2 enemy healers cross-healing.
Even if I do kill the person I'm screwed as the rest of the enemy will kill me before I do anything else useful.

I've tried many different builds and the thing I miss most of all is an AOE CC Aka a mezz poison from the old DAoC days.

I know there is Poison Gas at 44 in Sin and Mass Subdue at 38 in BD, are there any others I'm not aware of?
I'm trying to find a build that works one in, plus some other CC and enables me to still get 16 points in BD for DD and Blade Tempo.
At the moment I'm looking at 44 Sin/16 BD/8 NB or Inf.

Blinding powder is obviously useful if there's only 2-3 as is Incapacitate, pity there are so many purges

Any recommendations?