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Thread: Rogue parse standards

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    Default Rogue parse standards

    Seems lately there is a lot of arguement over how crediable dps parses are. Some like to use pluto, others raid boss dummy, others what every they can get their hands on. Why don't we come up with a standard that all should use to compare each others builds to. One that includes various fights that allow each build or their variations shine.

    Most fights consist of:
    AoE trash 3-4 mobs (melee,caster mix)
    AoE trash 7-10 mobs
    High Hp, High dmg output Trash Brute
    Single target Boss (tank'n spank)
    Single target Boss (complex mechanic)
    Boss with adds

    am I missing anything?

    Anyways take a dps parse from each fight and post the detailed data with each build, this will give others a rough estimate on how the build performs with various fights and if it suits their play style. Yes this will take time, but it will only add the credibility to your build and leave less room for others to tear it down.

    For instance 44/20/2 sab/sin/rng does great with aoe single target but is not reliable dps for the caretaker fight in DSM at least for the last shard.(which some might still try to argue).

    Anyways these are my thoughts I see a lot of flaming going on within build posts and I think we should attempt to limit it to the best of our abilities and the best way to do that is to add credibility to your post.
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