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Thread: P1 PvP Build Help!

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    Default P1 PvP Build Help!

    I am only a Prestige 1 for PvP, and need a good build. I know certain builds will be better than others when I lack favor gear.

    Thank you!

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    It'd help if you specify what you're looking to do.

    Melee? Ranged? Support?

    For Melee, I've been using a Sin/RS build to good effect, and at the moment I've got 0 valor gear (spent my first couple chunks o' favor on my weapons). I'd suggest at least 32 Sin for Impale and 26 RS for Shadow Warp, something like this. You'd have 8 points left over to sub something else, pick up Backstab/Double Cross, hit 32 RS for Flashback, or what have you.

    Ranged, I dunno other than Marksman is all the rage. Haven't tried it since level 20 or some such, but I'd imagine there's some cookie cutter build out there that'll work. Being ranged, you should be able to do quite well even without valor. I do know that with Swift/Hasted shot, good Marksmen can kite all day... kinda frustrating with an Assassin and is partly why I went deeper into RS for my latest respec.

    Bard, I really wouldn't know. I guess you could go 51 Bard and spend the last 15 buffing your defenses? I hear there's some "Battlebard" build that I think subs Bladedancer? Not my forte really, my only Bard build is 51 in for PvE only and would be eaten alive in a warfront.
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