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Thread: Ranged PVP Spec

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    Default Ranged PVP Spec

    So after trying as many Ranged only specs as i could think of and having mixed feelings about them i've decided to come to the forums and ask for help.

    after trial error and a broken talent (Master Huntsman) i'm trying to use MM as my primary iv noticed that compared to other classes no rogue has a steady dmg its pretty much Burst.. drizzle...Burst style which should work for pvp. However our burst seems to be other classes normal dmg and their burst if they have any makes our burst look sad by comparision. Im easily willing to admit that i just fail that is always a possibility, but i feel like im pretty decent and i can see my effectivness but i see other classes being twice as effectvive as me in any hands.

    is it my imagination. if i t is . .cool ill keep playing
    if not are there any MM specs i can use to be more effective

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    you're 100% correct, MM's burst is quite appalling. if i'm hitting someone by myself who is receiving heals, there is almost no change of killing them. as a marksman you need to use your other abilities to assist the group. silence healers with deaden, eradicate buffs and HoT's off another person's target to help get them down. i play a 44MM/22SIN spec which gives me permanent, unslowed stealth so it allows me to pop out and stun someone (usually a healer out the back of a pack), or even sneak around the back and knock someone down off the codex rocks or something with crossfire or repelling shot. it also gives me blinding power, a 10 second CC on a 60 second CD, which again can be used on a healer to get your target down.

    i stole the spec off Terk - check this out:

    hope that helps
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    I use Terk's spec too - its very nice - and yes MM burst sux - dps is way to low for such a squishy role too - and the few CC and escape tools we have just dont cut it anymore - however i love MM and will keep playing in the belief that Trion will wake up one day and realise that MM/Ranger are very different beasts to our melee brothers and look at us seperately when balancing - it has been a cause of huge error to lump melee and range under the generic "rogue" title

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    Word on the street is some kind of MM build.

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    Even after 1.2, I think it's safe to say MM is an all around bad spec.

    If you go deep in MM you lose sooo much, for sooo very little....
    And 51 point MM has no place in pvp.

    Eradicate is awesome for premades, but if you are in a pug you're doomed to a long frustrating life being thrashed around like a paper doll. If you do spec for group support/ eradicate spam, 21 in bard will let you run around and stay out of fights, and since you aren't gonna be killing much of anything, bard's a good choice.

    If you want to do damage, and survive after drawing the attention of a warrior, you want to go 31 assassin/ 31 marks... slip away, crits, poisons, perm stealth, what's not to love? You can also do enough damage to kill a person, assuming they don't have a healer on 'em....

    ...assuming they do have a healer 32 Nightblade for the healing debuff will make those frontline warriors cry. Just be warned that 50% healing debuff won't make you a pvp god, it's dispellable, and frankly, it's hard to kill a cleric even with the debuff and help from other players. But if it's the passive heals of a chloro or bard that they are relying on.. you're their worst nightmare. AOE spammable as well ;)

    And if you just want to support your team, 10 in marks will get you an aoe against 4 people, you can dump the rest in riftstalker, and survive a little while longer by staying in tanking stance....

    All in all, to be successful in pvp any marks build has to have a Plan A: kill people, healing debuff, eradicate; and when that all goes wrong, a Plan B: Getaway, Slip Away, Guardian Phase.

    1.2 actually made life worse for a marksman in one big way, the CC nerf made Adhesive Bomb almost useless since most people will be immune, immune, immune.... It was always my favorite RUN! AHHHHH!!!!!! button before 1.2.

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    When I PvP I use MM mainly. I have 2 different MM rolls I enter with depending on the other team. One is MM/Sin/Rng

    I use http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...do.VGo.0AM0p0b when the other team is healer light. It offers huge crits, especially when Improved Hit and Run is up. It has an additional 10% to crit and access to poisons as well as a nice stealth opener. In RNG you get damage reduction and a ranged snare for kiting.

    I use http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...udo.VhtMuoTRoo when the other team has a few healers. It is more important to have Fell Blades up so people can actually be killed.

    NOTE: I am not one for spamming Eradicate. I played that style for awhile and it wasnt for me. My team when we focus fire has no problem dropping anyone we want with the healing debuff.

    NOTE: Sometime I just go http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...iItRGqgRss.0Vz when we have a couple healers and destroy everyone.

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