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Thread: lvl 50 PVE sin...

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    Default lvl 50 PVE sin...

    i found an old thread on a pve sin and would really like more information on it if possible.
    has anyone been able to find anything out about it from parsers?
    and does the spec still hold up to the games current machanics?

    original thread (due credit to LutherVanguard) - http://forums.riftgame.com/showthrea...light=assassin

    his 51 sin pve build (looks good!) - http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M....GARftsfqddR.V

    thanks in advance for any and all help on this. im looking for a 51 pve sin currently as a funtime casual playstyle

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    IMO 51 sin isn't an ideal PvE DPS spec... It's not bad mind you but your big dmg attack are all out of stealth.. ANyhow im able to parse about 600 DPS with a 51 sin build which is more than suitable for T2's ....

    I would suggest you run a 32 Sin build with BD and NB mixed in if you want to use the SIN abilities as your primary. Just use deadly strike as your finisher and incorporate Fiery spike in your rotation and you should be able to get 680-700 DPS sustained in T1.5 gear.
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    my 51sin build done 800+ dps on T2 static boss and 900-1000 dps on raid static boss...

    If u need running away from boss - aoe etc - mele class sux.. dps droping down so fast.. - for this bosses im using MM build.

    51sin is good.. good build.. maco ... rotation and static buidl .. many of sins try pimp all in attack power etc.. after boosted T2 gear my crit on 51 sin is aournd 44% without buff on mobs... its great when u see cits from Final Blow around 3k on raid boss ^^

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