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Thread: Assassin / Riftstalker

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    Default Assassin / Riftstalker

    Leveling an alt and decided to give riftstalker+assassin a go, 43 now and it plays really well. High burst and solid mitigation.

    No macros at all, the rotation is very simple here is the build:


    I play on a PvP server and do as many WF as I can, any feed back?

    Rotation: Stealth--->Expose Weakness-->Shadow Stalk--->Jagged Strike (3 combos) ---> Puncture (2 combos) --->Impale--->Savage Strike / Malicious Strike depending on situation / Foul Play is saved to stop a cast that would save target other wise use it and then Final Blow.

    Also the option to Slip Away + Assassinate is always there.

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    We have 4 pages discussing this exact thing. Check it out and read through them all!

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