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Thread: 51 Pt Assassin PVE / Raid builds

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    Default 51 Pt Assassin PVE / Raid builds

    Is anyone using 51 Assassin still for pve / raids? I have been using the standard 51 Sin/15 Nb/0 Ranger or BD build for a while and am wondering if anyone is still running this and how it stacks up to a 51 Sin / 13 BD/ 2 NB build.
    I love the 51 point Assassin for SS and would like to keep it if there are builds that work.

    Thanks in advance to the other 51 pointers giving some constructive feedback.

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    I've tried the 51-point builds but they don't do so well for me. My gear is mixed T1/T2 so this may be the problem, and I know you asked about raid builds. The best I've found for melee is BD/AS/NB, mixing them up at a near 28/17/21 distribution. Many people post builds on here that get great dummy results but raid timing makes it tough to sit and execute a rotation due to mobility issues. Sab (44/20/2 Sab/AS/RNG) makes a great mobile DPS class but you asked about assassin so not sure if you're interested.

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