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Thread: Looking for info - Nightblade 1.2

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    Default Looking for info - Nightblade 1.2

    This is for PvE.

    Looking for info on the Nightblade soul in the 1.2 world. Different builds and how they stack up against the other rogue souls in the 1.2 world. Any suggestions appreciated.

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    I think something like this would be the highest dps NB centric soul now. Blade Tempo/Ebon Fury bursts and make use of Deadly Strikes damage increaser.

    stealth - expose weakness - dark malady - fiery spike x3 - deadly

    fiery spike - backstab - dusk strike - keen - deadly
    fiery spike - precision strike - puncture - deadly

    keep fiery spike and puncture up during ebon fury spam and use backstab when it's up.

    I'm sure some folks can improve on this, but it should be competitive with the deeper BD/Sin builds.
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