Hello community,

I've seen a lot of questions asked about leveling specs as I frequent these forums.

As a rogue, there are quite a few solid builds and I make no claim that mine is the best. I have, however, used this template to level 2 different rogues to 50.

I leveled a Guardian rogue on a PvE server to 50 in a matter of days.

I leveled a Defiant rogue on a PvP server to 50 in even less time. In addition, I made it from 1-50 without ever being ganked and without ever running from a PvP encounter. Granted, there were times I had to stealth to steer clear of a much higher level or a group of enemies. But I still took a lot of pride in that accomplishment.

This spec is an ASSASSIN-FIRST spec.

THIS IS NOT A LEVEL 50 DPS SPEC. There are MANY specs out there that will put this one to shame in a group/raid setting. This is a GRINDING/LEVELING/RIFTING spec. At 50, with decent gear and intelligent potion use, this spec can solo all 5 stages of any rift currently in the game.

Many will argue that Ranger (at least from 1-30) is the best build for leveling--I won't argue that. It's amazing. Hell, it's probably the easiest from 1-50.

But if you want to cut stuff up close and personal, here's what I'd suggest:

From 1-31 I would suggest filling the Assassin tree roughly as shown in the link below. If you choose to play Ranger (or another spec) to 31+, then the link is a good starting point.

My priority was getting to 31 Assassin as quickly as possible for Slip Away. 0 BD gives the amazing Side Steps ability which will save your *** many, many times.

At 31* your spec would look similar to this: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MpMV.V0x.GiRfx0b0d0o

After 31, your next 3 points would go into Rift Scavenger in the Riftstalker tree.

*Some people would rather go straight to 13 in Riftstalker for Rift Scavenger or balance RS/SIN as they level, but I found that playing _without_ the self-healing of Rift Scavenger for 31 levels taught me a LOT about how to play my assassin. It gave me a solid fundamental understanding of what I could and could not do. When you finally hit 31 and gain Slip Away, you should have developed some pretty solid Assassin instincts. In addition, Silent Footsteps and Perma Stealth will make a HUGE difference in your leveling efficiency.

Level 33 is when you begin to glimpse the awesomness of this spec: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...xh.GiRfx0b0d0o

At this point you have a lot of your fundamental Assassin skills as well as 15% AP, 15% Endurance and 3/3 Rift Scavenger. This is where you stop using Final Blow when a mob is at 10% and spam a couple more Savage Strikes for a sexy heal. This heal, combined with 2/3 Cloak and Dagger (at this point) means that virtually every single mob fight will see you finish at >90% health. Strategic usage of combo points during multi-mob pulls means you can fight a LONG time without having to pot/Slip Away/run/die. Picking up 3/3 Cloak and Dagger is perfectly fine if you want to move points around a bit, as well.

From this point, my focus is picking up 3 more essential Assassin skills in Foul Play, Blinding Powder and Impale (32pt Root). At 31 we enhanced our survivability with Slip Away. By 33 we've gained a ton of survival/efficiency with Riftstalker bonuses/heals.

The result is a spec that, at level 35, should resemble this: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...xh.GiRft0bod0o

After level 35, my primary focus is digging into the outstanding Bladedancer tree. You can delay this a bit by grabbing Rift Guard in the Riftstalker tree for an added shield. But in my experience I only found use of Rift Guard when I was undergeared at 50 and fighting elite questmobs. 14 in Riftstalker is my preference for the second shift, and Rift Guard is the best choice--in my opinion--to spend that 1 extra point on.

At 38, we will have worked our way up the BD tree to the point we have a new attack: Twin Strike. Twin Strike, combined with Rift Disturbance (Riftstalker) will be your bread and butter AoE for the time being. Take note: Rift Disturbance pulls a LOT of threat. Use with caution in group situations.

The level 38 spec should resemble this: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M....GiRft0bod0o.L

At level 41, we will have finished filling out the first level of BD (Quick Reflexes) and have access to the amazing skill called Reprisal. In addition, the 6 points spent in BD will provide us with a substantial DEX buff in Combat Pose and the fantastic solo skill Strike Back. Not to be overlooked, once you have invested 10 points into BD, you get access to Compound Attack--an AoE finisher that hits HARD. You are now becoming a true AoE master. The order in which you choose to pick up these skills is up to you

At 42 your spec should be: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...iRft0bod0o.xMd

This is the point in the guide where choices must be made: continue with my spec (which I'll list) or start pumping up Deadly Dance for the incredible buff to Deadly Strike. I have not used Deadly Strike/Dance while leveling as it was implemented after I hit 50. By this level, however, you should have a good idea of what you are doing. At any rate, the next level to consider is 44.

I chose to max out the number of points I would put into BD by picking up Sprint and ending up with 3/5 in Combat Expertise (+hit). Sprint is a 70% speed buff for FIFTEEN SECONDS. No further description needed. And the absence of +hit on pre-50 gear means you whiff a lot. Grabbing 3/5 Combat Expertise will help remedy that. In addition, 12 points in BD gives us the root ability Weapon Barrage. This is a standard ranged interrupt (w/5sec silence on interrupt) with a generous 10 second cooldown. Not only is the skill off the global cooldown, but it is also does a modest amount of damage if used during non-interrupt situations (grinding, questing, etc.) The value of this skill grows even more on PvP servers.

Level 44 Spec: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...ft0bod0o.xcd0z

The rest of your trip to 50 will consist of rounding out your Assassin tree and picking up the second shift in Riftstalker.

At 50, your spec will be:


By increasing Assassin to 40 you will gain the Hidden Veil ability which will help immensely in fights where enemies are using heavy AoE or in an open world situation. It is perfectly fine to move some points around. For instance, if you wish to use this spec to group for Rifts or PvP, it may be worth moving some points into Double Cross. But the linked spec is the basic template. Experiment. Enjoy.

L50 Rotations...

Single Target:

Jagged>Puncture>Impale>SavageX5>Final Blow

(Once you get some gear, you can replace Impale with Final Blow as most mobs will die before 3 tics of Impale)


Jagged>Rift Disturbance>Twin StrikeX2>Compound Attack. Weave Twins/Rift Disturbance around 5pt Compound Attack finishers.


Jagged>Twin StrikeX2>Compound Attack>Twin StrikeX5>Compound Attack>Rift Disturbance (Only use RD if you are sure your tank has sufficient threat)


Leeching Poison--Lifedrain
Lethal Poison--5% crit
Combat Pose--40 DEX
Planebound Resilience--42 END

I've been asked by a lot of folks which spec I use for grinding. Rather than try to explain it to each of them on a point-by-point basis, I wanted to put it down in written form so I could just direct people to it. The guide's simple, messy and ugly, just like last week's bootie call. But hopefully it gets the job done.


--Murdertrain (Asphodel)

--Murdertune (Shadefallen)