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Thread: Looking for a lvl 40 PvE build

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    Exclamation Looking for a lvl 40 PvE build

    Im looking for a lvl 40 pve build to blast through the final lvls. I am so tired of pve and i already have a pvp build so if anyone can help that would be cool.


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    I've been using this build with great results: http://www.riftjunkies.com/forums/sh...DPS-solo-build

    No downtime unless you take on 4-5 mobs at once (which I tend to do), and even then with careful use of cooldowns and combo points (meaning leave them on the enemy at the right time for the Rift Scavenger heal, and switch to low health targets to build up a few quick combo points for a heal), you'll be fine.

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