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Thread: Oracle Aleria Rogue tank

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    Default Oracle Aleria Rogue tank


    I need help with making a rogue tank build for Oracle Aleria encounter in GS.

    Oracle Aleria is a two-phase encounter. During the first phase you will need to kill two warewolves, one of which is a melee hitter and one of which does powerful area attacks.

    The guild have asked me to tank the warewolves which does powerful area attacks, We choose a Rogue for tanking this add due to the variety of blink abilities they can use to keep moving away from the warewolves.

    I need a good build for this.

    Thanks for the help.


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    I tank it against the wall and then teleport away/back to get rid of my stacks every 30s when my timer is up for shadow shift. I don't kite him around any beyond that. I drop a memory capture point next to the wall, shadow shift away... run a second or so, and then flash back and by the time he reaches me again the stacks have faded.
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    I've done that kiting tank with both a 51rs/8bd/7ranger and a 51rs/15bd/0xx build.

    Both work fine, though you don't really get to use the extra utility from the 15bd spec the avoidance does work on at least some of his attacks.

    I personally just keep him moving just because, combination of shift, warp and flashback and you can almost keep out of his attack range permanently, just make sure your ready for when he actually starts doing the aoe damage, it can smart a bit if you've left your warps on CD.

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    The other option of course is just... get better gear.

    With zero tier 3 geared I was healed by just 1 person (once by a cloro, once by a cleric) on that boss. Really, its not that hard. Tell the healers to stop being bad.

    Edit: For clarity I didn't even bother to drop stacks. They max out pretty fast and honestly they're not -that- bad. We have all our ranged nuking it continuously and our melee on the other one. Works just fine.
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