This is my world PvP build that can also hold its own grinding.

Now, this may be an odd build, but I'm testing it out nonetheless. I'm just having a hard time figuring out where to put some of my last points.

The points in RS and MM cannot go any lower as they'll lose out on an ability if they do. That means sin is set to pretty much what I can put into it.

Now for MM tree. The lower 3 tiers are pretty much set as I need 5 points to advance further on.
I chose static shot in case I need a quick getaway. That coupled with Shadow Shift and On the Double should be able to put enough distance between me and the enemy if I need it. I feel like Static Shot is better than putting an extra point into either Increased Fire Power, Penetrating Shots, and Master Archer. Actually that one point is the only play room I have in MM.

Now for RS, I'm debating what's more important, having 30s cooldowns for my teleports, but losing a teleport in the process, or having 33s and gaining an additional teleport. If I keep Shadow Assault, that means that two of my teleports give me +15% damage for 10s, which is nice.

Tier 2 & 3 also have a bit of play room. Phantom Blow seems useful if I remember to use it. I already have 6% damage reduction from Exceptional Resilience. If I remember to use PB every 20s, I can gain another 6%, but then I'm losing out on damage I could be causing with my other attacks.

Now in tier 3, I have 2 points in Rift Barrior which could be moved to Rift Scavenger to help heal me against mobs I'm attacking. RB basically will stop 40% damage to my health, which I am able to activate 4 times if needed. However, 20% health replenished off of a killed mob is also nice.

So there's my build. Thoughts?