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Thread: Mid-Level Tanking Build

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    Question Mid-Level Tanking Build

    Looking for some advice on a tanking build for a level ~25 rogue. Would the following build be any good?

    Is it too early to try tanking dungeons in my level range?

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    I used this at level 25. People told me to put MOAR POINTS into endurance, but at that level, even maxing the hitpoints I could get was only a difference of about 200 hitpoints. I found the extra damage, plus the chance to completely avoid an attack was worth the loss in hitpoints. Assasin at 0pts gives you a poison ability which helps alot more than 0pt bard does (and doesn't require rebuffing every 20 secs).

    I tanked DD with this build at 24, and at 25 it became alot easier (for some reason?). Just gotta watch for the hard-hitting mobs and know where the stealthed ones are.
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    I actually find Bard/Ranger better subsouls while leveling for the 15% increase in HP. Gives you a bigger cushion in those dungeons and helps the healer.

    I didn't switch to BD/Ranger until I had almost tank gear in every slot (compared to half tank gear, half dps gear).

    Something like THIS
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