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Thread: Rogue FTW

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    Default Rogue FTW

    best time ever had in a dungeon!!
    4 rogues and a cleric. ranger, bard, stalker, cleric healer, and myself.
    at some points the stalker, who was new to the tank spec, wanted to try to do a dungeon quest but no one new how so we had to kill time during fight. so i went second bard. fun stuff!
    another time he wanted something sapped so i went to sin
    yet most times i ran sab for aoe. saweeet!
    and for fun i used my fourth role just for kicks and went second ranger for a boss that had massive aoe against melee.
    so during the whole run i got to use ALL my specs and get practice in on all of them and got to do a complete utility role in group.
    best run ever personally!!!
    Rogue FTW

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    Went into Realm of Fae, and Fall of Lantern Hook T1 dungeons as a Bard, and all Cleric 5-man. Got 3 epic Swords. WIN

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