Ranged Rogue pre-50 High 40s in Warfronts. This bracket is a lot better for observing class design balance IMO since there isn't a large gear disparity and everyone has their core talents.

First of all - I think the Rogues whining about Eradicate being OP are simply annoyed that their ranged brethern have something good instead of every one of us being forced into a melee spec. Once the novelty of it wears off there'll be a lot fewer MM Rogues in Warfronts. Even with Eradicate it takes a Rogue spamming it and 3 other players to kill a cleric.

The Eradicate haters think it should wipe 1 buff, be put on a cooldown, moved to an 11ish pt talent in the tree. LOL. That works for me then every single rogue will have it as a 'must get' talent that shallow in the tree. There'll be more Eradicating going in then there is now.

Ranged Rogues are still very easy to kill - any mellee build in my face will kill me. We're a lot less survivable than Mages and do less damage. I don't have a problem with that - I play smart and keep out of other's range and kill them. My cooldowns are blown and they get in my face I die. Seems like balance to me.

Melee/Stealth rogue (the smart ones) see me in the WF and stealth up behind me and kill me inside a stunlock. Good going - that's how it should be done.

Clerics without serveral others to help? Invincible. Spam Eradicate to keep their buffs and healing down = little to no damage going out and they'll kill you since they hit like trucks (melee clerics in particular). Alternate Eradicate and Damage and the fight will go on a while but you'll still die simply because they heal and we don't.

Mages will still dot us to death or simply blow us straight to heck if you don't stay just in range and just out of their range. Tricky dance but I'll accept it as balance.

Warriors... sigh. I know they say CC is nerfed but I seem to be permanently stunned/slowed and even with cooldowns available none of them are usable. I'll have to study that class to see wtf is up with that. But same deal ... have to stay just out of their range.

Overall with the exception of godmode Clerics and some abilities Mages have to one buttom BAM you're dead this seems reasonably balanced just outside 50 prior to massive gear disparity.

What's up with Sab? fwaap-fwaap-fwaap KABOOM blown into the sky corpse to fall at some random location on the battlefield. HAHAHA. Seems like something there got buffed. Basically I hear that first fwaap and run like hell. Good times.