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Thread: Question for Min/Maxers

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    Default Question for Min/Maxers

    I have my tank, bard, and solo specs done and fully happy with those.

    What are the absolute without a doubt top dps specs for AoE in group setting, and single target in group setting.

    What I have now is useable and they work fine, I get high dps when parsed, but just curious what the min/maxers use.

    For AoE/Ranged I have been going with 31Ranger/18MM/17Sin, and it seems to do well. Is there anything better?

    For single target dps, I'm hearing good things about 51 sin, but still undecided.

    I need to fix up my 4th and 5th roles, and want to help get those speed run achievements.
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    Your highest AoE is going to be a Sab spec hands down. Not 100% sure on the single target, likely BD/AS although thats melee only.
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