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Thread: [Guide-1.2] Mx3 PvP v1 Umi Style

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    Default [Guide-1.2] Mx3 PvP v1 Umi Style

    So as earlier stated i don't know if there is already a guide like this out, if there is i sincerely apologize for ripping your thread. Anyway here goes my theory.

    My background in pvp is not very long, im only rank 4 and i pvp only for the fun not for the prestige/ranks.

    After running 32NB/34MM/0Inf since 1.1 i decided to try the melee way after 1.2 and i tried some variants of the Sin and some of NB.

    Mostly what i have played up to now is a 15BD/51SIN/0RNG ... yeah the usual pewpew your dead spec and i love it. But i decided to try this FoTM 21BD/32/Sin/13Inf that people brag so much about with 2.7k+ assassinates and no problem with kiting what so ever......or... well i tried... i died....i got kited...i cried some more. Then an idea popped up in my head. Why do they run 13 Inf... why can't we put those 13 points into something that still atleast make me catch up to those runners and kiters. So i put together an idea with 13 Marksman.

    Now i know alot of you would say.

    "But Umi 13 inf also gives you bla bla bla" yeah sure.. but this is my idea with MM.

    13 MM breakdown.

    Single Minded Focus, Increased damage of 3 of your anti kiting shots. "Swift Shot, Hasted Shot and Rapid Fire Shot"
    Increased Fire Power, 25% AP on ranged crit... yes please.
    Hasty Departure 20% increased runspeed when hit... + Swift Shot 15%. OH yes please, how many times have i tried to outrun a mm shooting me with his puny arrows... payback time.
    On the Double 70% Increased Runspeed for 5 Seconds. Another Nice speedboost that you can use when your Sprint is on CD.

    Umi Mx3 v1

    Well to tell you the truth.. I love this.. its just.....so nice with speed. Sure i could stay mm, i could get inf and do 20% more dmg, but to do so you still need to hit them.

    Other than this, Rapid Fire Shot... do NOT underestimate the finisher damage of this with all your procs up, even Blade Tempo. My highest crit so far in pvp was 3500 selfbuffed, and to be honest, i love it. Cause there is no minimum shooting range and sometimes you rather have a big finisher than using Deadly Strike for Deadly Dance. 1v1 vs Kiters, My bleeds+speed >= yours :P

    Anyway just wanted to get this off my mind, mabye you got any better ideas but i love this so far
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