So, I was playing around with both 51 mm/ 15 nb/ 0 asn and 51 mm/ 15 asn / 0 inf builds to see what is effected by stats in the shot rotation.

Starting with zero gear on except my rifle and putting on gear as I finished a rotation. The following items were effected by stats in a marksmans rotation: Swift Shot, Hasted Shot, Rapid Fire Shot, Empowered Shot, Deadeye Shot, Fan out, and all Specialty shots.

The following items are not effected in any way by stats Master Marksman, Virulent poison, Lethal Poison, Hellfire Blades, Crystal Vampire Blood, Waning Shadesource, Autoshot (can still crit but damage is slight).

Master Marksman with zero gear was 80-100 dps depending on how many times it procced over the entire fight. The longer the fight the more it normalized to be exactly 90 dps with a 36.0 dps bow.

It took large increases in AP in order to increase my overall dps but critical strike didn't take that much in order to raise the dps. In my rotation Swift Shot made up 36% of my dps while Rapid fire and Hasted shot were 15% each.