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Thread: Anything wrong?

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    Default Anything wrong?

    I had a lv30 rogue(MM) and a lv30 cleric(SHM) in the beta 5. I quit this game for months, and came back right before the patch 1.2. The rogue class seems much more weaker than before, you needs 5-10 more levels than before to get same critical damage.

    After 1.2, I see all the cleric, some warriors (dont know about mage) can kill 5~10 mobs at the same time(which is hard in beta), but my rogue might die quickly in the same case.

    I got lv50 yesterday, and change to the Sozu's build(31ranger17ass18MM). It works great for 1-to-1 mobs. But I never get purple reward from event or rifts, and never be able to kill a group of mobs like other classes. Is there anything should be take care of? Or the melee rogue is way better than range rogue?
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    Pet Attack -> Divert Rage -> Rejuvenate -> Trick Shot or Rain of Arrows spam with the occasional Rejuvenate.

    I don't have a problem taking down groups of mobs unless they're elites.

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    I still don't get people saying "I left for months then finally came back". The game has only been out like 2 to 3 months...

    As stated above you can force aggro on a ranger pet and then aoe mobs.

    The amount of damage you do in a rift or event has nothing to do with getting a purple shard/item.

    If you want to solo and AoE, melee with some riftstalker/bladedancer is best.

    You have multiple roles, use them accordingly to what you want to do at any given moment.
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