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Thread: Is it impossible to request this...

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    Default Is it impossible to request this...

    The more people who are rude, who tell others that if they do not like the game to go play somewhere else, or to denigrate and belittle others ideas and thoughts, those who completely dismantle a thread with anti social behaviour, rudeness and over all negativity toward either pvp or pve questions; Do you realise that many new players who are making the decision to play the game come to the forum first to decide if they want to play this game in the first place?

    The more people that whine about servers being low population, that the rouge or any other class is useless in one degree or another are totally putting off those potential players before even trying it. If Trion's customer base falls consider what is said on these threads that motivates their choice to subscribe.

    Don't complain and expect the game to grow. Be positive, give constructive feedback and for the love of god stop telling people if they don't like it to go else where. This is not your decision to make, it is theirs based on your posts.
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