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Thread: Rogue Alt info

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    Default Rogue Alt info

    Have a Mage that I enjoy thoroughly. But need some help with the crafting so I want to make an alt. Before I go any further: I AM NOT ASKING FOR BUILD INFO! I don't care about squeezing +1 DPS out of something I won't enjoy. My Mage is SC / Chloro

    I enjoy a ranged playstyle but despise pets with a passion (only pet class I could stomach was Hunter in WoW and that was for collecting different pet types). So Ranger is out.

    I don't care about PvP. This is for levelling / resource gathering. If I want a PvP build, I'll investigate it later using another role.

    Most the time I'll prolly be solo, with instances as they become availible / I get bored.

    So any suggestions? And what kind of abilities does the soul you suggest have? This is the primary soul so becoming powerful at level 50 is kinda useless

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    For leveling, Bladedancer heavy, with spare points going into riftstalker (for extra survivability) seems to be pretty solid.

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