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Thread: Destructive Rune shard

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    Default Destructive Rune shard

    I just realized something but i want to know if it works..

    As you know, a Destructive runeshard goes on the main hand or ranged.. but lets say i wanted destructive rune shards on both of my daggers.

    I put the dagger i normally use in my main hand, use the enchant.. then put the dagger back into my offhand. my crit percentage didnt go down.

    i take it we can do that then?

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    If it says main hand it works on any one handed weapon. What it means is it wont work on totems and shields. Oversight by Trion I guess. I have two blazing dexterity runes (+10 dex) on my daggers (says mainhand and ranged on the rune).
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    as noboru said, it will work on any 1handed weapon, you dont have to mess around switching weapons around or such.

    Just there to stop you putting it on offhand only items such as totems/shields.

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