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Thread: What should a PvP centered new 50 be focusing on?

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    Default What should a PvP centered new 50 be focusing on?

    So I just dinged 50, and want to get some epics before I head into 50 WFs, because I'll be getting my rear handed to me.

    So what should I he doing? I had some plat and bought 3 AH epics, so should I be farming cash to get AH epics?

    I'm also in dire need of new weapons, lol.

    If someone could give me some in depth advice I'd really appreciate it.

    Also what should I be spending all my planar shards on? I got the flawless machine, and have 20k to spare.

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    Get to rank 2 and buy the pathfinder set, just so you don't go into WFs with no valor. Then, save all favor till rank 4 and get your rank 4 weapons. After that, save all your favor till rank 5 and start purchasing your end game pvp set.

    I did some pve trying to gear up that way, but regret it now. That time could have been better spent in warfronts ranking up. I'm rank 4 now, halfway to rank 5. I ended up getting my rank 4 weapons before getting any t2 weapons. Buy what you can from AH as place holders till you start getting your pvp gear.

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    Basically Run t1's till you get ~100 hit, get low rank valor set, get T2 daggers from PvE and you are good till Rank 6 basically, same goes for the bow.

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    Just go into WFs. Yeah, you won't be dominating, but you'll get Favor for gear and more importantly, you'll get experience. I promise that just hitting 50, even if you had full Rank 6 gear, you would get destroyed by people who have been 50 for months and know their class extremely well and also will be able to predict your actions.

    Gear is not as important in this game as you seem to think. Your spec choice is extremely important, but most important of all is experience. Go get some experience.

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