Not really one for posting but here goes. So I was testing out a few "battlebard" builds I have been seeing on the forums. After playing them and not really enjoying them too much, I decided to tweak it out. What I came up with is 17/32/17...sin/bard/bd.

I haven't tried it out in a raid setting yet besides rift events. The idea is to have deadly dance buff cadaence just like any other battlebard build that people have been seeing. Raid buffed during the event, cadaence crit for 509. No ss... so it didn't happen. Gotcha. Try it out for yourself though. With cadaence criting for that, the healing output was higher due to the 20% increased healing talent from sin and the 5% motif.

I also use the greater essences for healing and the hot trinket from the first boss in xKB.

Cons: No VoJ, No other mobile ranged attacks besides power chord to build CP
Pros: Massive amounts of healing, all your normal bard buffs are all still there. Can put out quick short bursts of damage using BD skills and deadly strike.