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Thread: To those who think eradicate is OP

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    Default To those who think eradicate is OP

    just sharing this with u...
    fulminate critted me for 3k+
    well and thats not OP?
    this dude killed me in 2 shots i have 4150hp with my pvp build
    ok i dont have the best gear, my armor is full epic,mixed with r1 pvp epics and T1 dungeon epics
    its not much i know
    this dude prob was a r4,5,6 **** knows
    but pvp is deff not balanced
    and we MM rogues needed a boost
    now we got it and people started to qq about eradicate
    but i would say NERF fulminate aswell then.
    somethign has to be done anyway...
    this is just madness!
    the highest crit i ever seen on my char was 2050 from deadeye and this was on a lvl 42 mob...
    now in WF's i see deadeye crit for 1500-1800+
    but it needs 5 combo points...
    i dont know how fulminate works but this was a VERRY fast dead if u ask me...

    fulminate the skill:
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    I don't think you should judge whether Eradicate is 'OP' or not based on other skills. Fuliminate crits don't affect how balanced Eradicate is. I play a Rogue and I think Eradicate is little bit too much at the moment, when you consider it practically makes Chloro obsolete. Making a whole group of people's healing useless doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

    As for Fulminate critting for 3k, that does seem like a lot of damage in one hit, although it is on a 45 second cooldown. What does it hit for when it doesn't crit and how often is it likely to crit at that level? I'm not at 50 yet so what I'm asking is was that amount of damage unusual or does it happen regularly?

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    Don't mix everything.

    Fulminate & Eradicate are different topics.
    Just because one is overpowered doesn't mean the other needs to be also.
    Quite the opposite actually : we don't want everyone to have an OP ability that removes people from fights completely or debuffs them too much (wether because it 1-shots him, or neutralizes him, through CC / purging / whatever).

    MM was boosted on many aspects, and would be perfectly fine even if Eradicate was removed altogether.
    Now I'm not for its removal, but it should be brought back in line with other skills.
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